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If you are interested in working for Transcription City, you might wonder what skills you will need to be suitable for the job. Below is a checklist of the attributes you should and shouldn’t have (personal and professional) if you are looking to work with us. Please peruse this list, ensuring you fulfill all of our requirements before sending us your application.

What we are looking for Transcriptionists
Transcription Jobs

  • At least five years’ professional experience within your chosen industry or specialism.
  • Suitable qualifications and at least 2 professional references.
  • A typing speed of 60wpm.
  • A great proofreader, who takes pride in producing transcripts that are of the highest level of accuracy and are produced using the correct format.
  • Attention to detail, including taking the time to research technical terms and brand names that you are not sure of.
  • A high-speed broadband connection along with the relevant digital equipment: foot pedals, headphones and transcription software.
  • Impeccable written English with a good grasp of correct punctuation and grammar.
  • The ability to work to tight deadlines and have a ‘can do’ attitude where reliability is important to you.
  • A ‘good ear’ and are willing to persevere with tough files including files with speakers of different accents, over-speaking and/or compromised audio quality.
  • Computer literacy and the willingness to constantly adapt, developing and learning new computer skills as and when necessary. For example, being able to convert or play audio and video files in new and diverse formats.
  • We are looking for transcriptionists in all languages, so please apply if you have the relevant experience.

It is YOUR responsibility to register as self-employed for tax purposes before taking on any work with us.

Consider your application carefully if…

  • You have less than three years’ experience within your chosen specialism.
  • You do not possess an adequate broadband connection to take on work and/or relevant digital transcription equipment.
  • You have a typing speed of less than 60wpm.
  • You are unwilling to attempt to persevere and finish tough audio files such as focus groups, group interviews or with accents.
  • You are unable to commit to stick to tight deadlines laid out to you.

If you fulfill all of the above and are interested in working with us, email your CV to us at info Should you be found to be potentially suitable for employment, we will forward links to the applicable transcription, grammar and punctuation tests to assess your skills.

Being self-employed can mean that you are free to work at your own pace and can organise your own time as you feel best. The advantages are plentiful. Many of our online transcriptionists are secretaries, PAs and typists that have been made redundant from their nine-to-five jobs due to the current economic climate, or simply stay-at-home mums who have given up work full time. For the right candidates, online transcription work has a lot to offer.

Translation Jobs

As well as taking on the best and most experienced transcriptionists, we are also looking for talented, experienced, reliable and accurate linguists, translators, interpreters and foreign language transcriptionists. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to provide a word perfect translation service, then contact us today with your CV.

We are also looking for foreign language subtitle experts who can perfectly time and create professional subtitles in a range of formats and file extensions.

It is YOUR responsibility to register as self-employed for tax purposes before taking on any work with us.

Subtitling Technicians and Closed Captioners

If you are an experienced subtitle technician or closed captioner, we would like to hear from you. Whether you create real-time subtitles, provide closed captions for the deaf or hard of hearing or foreign language subtitles, we want to hear from you if you are able to demonstrate expertise in your field or speciality. In return, we will offer ongoing training and support.

It is YOUR responsibility to register as self employed for tax purposes before taking on any work with us.

Here at Transcription City we strongly believe in equal opportunities and accessibility for all and this has always been our company ethos.

We look forward to working with you!