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Transcription and Translation of Documents, Audio and Video

A lot of the translation work we do at Transcription City revolves around audio visual material but it’s useful to know we also work with document translation services.
Here are some of the document translation services a provide, how they can benefit you and what sets us apart from other translation companies.

Transcript Translation

If you have transcripts that you need translating, whether it’s medical translation, legal translation, research translation or other, we can help.
Transcription translation can be a wonderful tool for research and publication purposes, making your findings accessible to foreign speakers.
What sets Transcription City apart from other companies is we can provide both your transcript and your translations as one all encompassing service, saving you time and money

PowerPoint Translation

We employ typists and translators with not only knowledge and expertise specific to your industry but with advanced computer literacy and PowerPoint skills.
Unlike many other translation companies, Transcription City linguists are happy to deliver your completed PowerPoint presentations in an identical format to the original file received. This means that instead of spending time inserting simple text into your presentation, you can rest easy. Job done.
Our PowerPoint can linguists work with medical translations, financial translations, management and training translations and more…

Manuscript Translation Services

Transcription City can work to translate your books into a range of languages including fench, German, Italian, Chinese and more…
We take pride in our flexible approach to book translation services and are happy to both proved you with a professional, highly accurate translation and deliver / format your book to whatever your chosen format including Word, PDF or formats suitable for kindle and other e-readers.

Contract Translation Services

Transcription City hires linguists with expertise in law, able to translate your legal contracts and documents to a high level of accuracy.
Mistakes in important and binding legal contracts can have disastrous consequences. Our legal translators are highly experienced and qualified to take on legal translations work.

Subtitle Translation and Subtitle Creation

Alongisde our English transcription and subtitling service, we offer translation of foreign subtitles in many different formats. We translate subtitles to and from french, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and more…
If you would like more information about any of our transcription services or translation services, why not get in touch today? We are available everyday to help.

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