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Reasons For Interview Transcription

Interview Transcription… Why?

Reasons For Interview Transcription. Here at Transcription City, the bulk of the workload that comes in (unsurprisingly), is in the form of interview transcription. Online transcription is one of those things, it’s invaluable when you need it, saving you time, money and stress, but many professionals on a day-to-day basis will overlook how useful transcription services can be, especially when conducting interviews. So for this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the key functions of interview transcription.

Interview Transcription for Research

Research companies in all different sectors including financial, medical, market research and education, amongst others, often commission transcripts of their interviews. Interview transcription is important when carrying out research because data in the form of text is much easier to collate that data in audio or video format. Research companies, and even individuals carrying out research will be able to quickly allocate crucial sections of their interviews by using an easy find’ function in their word processing software rather than having to sift through hours of audio and as we all know, the research industry moves pretty fast. Especially when carrying out medical and financial research, the early bird catches the worm, and typing services can really speed up the process of getting your research to print!
Tip: Interview transcription for research is generally requested as Intelligent Verbatim and if you don’t have an urgent deadline to publish or share your conclusions, you can save money even more money by agreeing to a longer turnaround for your completed interview transcript.

Interview Transcription for Reference

Students and journalists are perhaps the most common clients in the field of interview transcription for reference. If you have conducted numerous interviews and are looking to easily search and pull up the necessary quotes you need for your writing, a typing services company can transcribe your interviews for you and save you a lot of time and hassle.
Tip: Be sure to provide your transcription service company with any correct spellings of any words that are unusual, as well as any names, etc. This way, searching by these key words will be easier as the spellings will be correct!

Interview Transcription for Evidence

Court interviews, witness statements and judgements are often transcribed when cases go through the Court of Appeal and are used as evidence. There is a Tape Transcription Panel for tapes that come from Court, but police tapes are often also transcribed and used as evidence. When using transcription for legal purposes, it’s important to order your transcripts as Verbatim, so that everything is covered and everything that is said is typed precisely and accurately.
Tip: If you are looking for purchase legal transcription services to type up your legal interviews, you may need a company that can convert your cassette tape audio into digital format for transcription. This can be costly so be sure to shop around for the best price for audio format conversion.

Interview Transcription for Media purposes and Circulation

Journalists and media companies often need interviews transcribed for quotes, but also transcripts are sometimes published ‘as is’ for circulation. For example, a company conference may be transcribed and then sent out to the necessary staff for reading. When using transcription services to type out your dictations, interviews, conferences, etc, for media purposes, be sure to ask for Intelligent Verbatim as it will save you editing time and make your documents easy and enjoyable to read.
Tip: If you are ordering typing services for media transcription, time is often of the essence so check your transcription company’s turnaround times and prices, to get your work published as soon as possible.

Interview Transcription for Accessibility, Subtitles and Closed Captioning

Audio and video can be transcribed to make your videos accessible to the deaf by providing subtitles and closed captioning. Subtitle services are not so commonly used as other transcription services but subtitles can be invaluable for SEO, especially to companies who share YouTube and Vimeo videos online to promote their services.
Tip: If you are ordering subtitle services, be sure to find a company that quotes for everything you will need as one package. For example, use a company that will convert your audio or video into the a digital format, provide your subtitles in an applicable format, (such as .srt) and burn them onto your video for you. This will save you tremendous time, money, and hassle juggling work with different companies.
Whatever reason you have for getting your interviews transcribed, get in touch with us and we should be able to meet your needs! We specialize in all types of interview transcription, so email us at info, call us on 0208 816 8584 or chat with us online. We look forward to working with you and see good reasons for interview transcription,

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