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Our Medical Transcriber: Jo

When I was made redundant from a private health company as an audio secretary, I decided to go self employed and this is why it was the best decision I ever made.
My expertise is in medical transcription and I type at 90wpm. I love to write and my qualifications include a BA with Hons in English Language and a proofreading certificate. My permanent job never allowed for as much typing and writing as I would have liked but working for a Transcription City as a medical transcriptionist, there is always transcription work and I get to learn new things every day.
I have my office all set up at home: I have transcription pedals (Olympus Software), Sony headphones so I can decipher and type even the fuzziest audio accurately, a split keyboard for typing comfort and a reliable PC and broadband connection. I log into the website to collect my work every day and it’s all secure and SSL encrypted so I feel safe in the knowledge that when I send my invoices every month, they are well protected and for Transcription City’s eyes only. The last gadget I need: my iPhone. This is what allows me to receive emails quickly so I can take on work as and when it comes in and if there’s a problem or something needs to be done right away, I can respond quickly to get the job done (making me some extra cash, of course).
I have permanent, regular medical clients whose letters I type from dictation but what I really love is the extra work I take on in the market research field and typing university research interviews for students. These are the transcripts where I really get to listen and learn about a lot of new things so I feel like it’s a win-win for everybody. I use my skills to type a professional transcript and in return, I get to learn about a whole range of topics, from human rights, communications and biology to which is the best branded tooth paste on the market. It’s brilliant!
And now for the best bit: I get to prioritise my time to my liking so I only take on work that I can get back quickly and within deadline and I still manage to pick the kids up from school and sit and read the paper.

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