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Meet The Transcriptionist

Meet Our Team – Stephanie Sheppard

At Transcription City, we pride ourselves on high quality virtual assistance and transcription services. Our standards are maintained by our hard working and experienced transcriptionists. We thought you might like to meet them!

Stephanie Sheppard Virtual Assistant
Transcriptionist and Virtual Assistant – Stephanie Sheppard

Stephanie Sheppard.
Job Title:
Transcriptionist / Proofreader.
Video transcription and podcasts. Medical, finance and journalism fields.
BA English Literature. 10 GCSEs, all A-C. Proofreading qualification from the Publishing Training Centre at Book House. City and Guilds in Desktop Publishing.
Over five years experience working as a self employed transcriptionist and proofreader along with over 4 years experience working as a medical secretary.
Painting, travel and reading.
Why did you decide to join Transcription City?
After working for a number of different companies, I came across the Transcription City website whilst looking for extra work. I was impressed with the website and the company seemed to cover my specialties of medical and finance. I noticed Transcription City’s YouTube videos and I really enjoy video transcription.
I know video and podcast transcription is a big focus for the company and I really enjoy this kind of work. I love the blogs and some have been really useful for transcription and formatting tips. I have suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the past and I noticed that Transcription City offers a lot more than just transcription. There are lots of opportunities for me to train further and offer my services in other departments to further my career and give my wrists a break. I would consider going to college and doing advanced training in PowerPoint to take on some editing and formatting work there. Looking at the blogs, the company also seemed really personal and friendly, what with the new and ever-cuter pictures of the Transcription City mascot, Betsy, each week! Love that dog!
What do you enjoy about working for Transcription City?
Transcription City has been a joy to work for so far. The allocation process for work is really well organised and I always get thorough feedback on my transcripts when it comes back from clients, and in my proofreading records. (Yes, even proofreader’s work gets proofread sometimes!) Constructive feedback helps to keep my clients happy and helps me to continually develop and improve. Staff are always friendly and constructive in any comments they give me about work, and always make sure I have capacity to take on work before piling it on – which helps me and other typists to get work done on time and keeps the standards high.
An average day consists of: I eat breakfast and type for a few hours starting at around 9am until about 11:30am, when I cook and eat lunch, and sometimes do some painting on my bedroom mural. I’ll usually go back to work at around 2:30pm (to give my wrists a rest) and then will work with short breaks until around 6:30pm. In case there are any urgent files that need to be done in the evening, I always leave my Blackberry on so I can pick up my emails in case I’m needed. Any proofreading I have, I prefer to do in the evenings.

If you would like more information about our virtual assistant or transcription services, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email. We’re happy to help.

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