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Medical Transcription and Medical Translation Services Options

Transcribing medical files as well as offering medical translation services is a varied and interesting part of a medical transcriptionists’ or medical translators’ work. There are small files and big files and there is a number of different formats to this as well. We work in different areas and across a incredibly differentiated scope of departments and types of transcription. This is a selection of the work in the medical sector that we do. Medical translation services, medical transcription services

Medical Transcription Services

First of all there are the old-fashioned letters and referrals. You may have a traditional typist in your practice, but if this part of your work is only a small percentage of what you do, then you may not need a full time typist. This is where Transcription City comes in, as we are here when you need us  with a fast turnaround time and no job being too small. Or too big for that matter. Let us take care of the letters. The same goes for completing lengthy patient assessments. You dictate the assessment and we will fill out the form for you. We will do this accurately and professionally. Every little helps, right?
But we go way further than that. We can provide transcripts for your daily briefing sessions, patient handovers or case conferences. Therefore you will have an accurate record of what was said. If you are planning the next medical conference in your chosen discipline, we can also provide written transcripts of keynote speeches, seminar discourses and panel discussions. This includes the Questions & Answer sessions with the audience at the end  something that can yield the most interesting debates, but which is often not recorded, other than people taking their own notes. A real shame actually.
Do you have patient focus groups, or maybe a committee discussing specific areas of treatment or new medication? We can provide transcripts for these too. Get an accurate account of who said what and be expertly prepared for that next pitch on funding for your latest project. In that way you will have more time spending on preparing the important meeting than wading through lose bits of notes.

Medical Translation Services

As well as offering all of these specialist medical transcription services, we also offer a range of medical translation services for a range of files and clients. This includes medical video translation services, medical translation services for medical notes, medical translation services for powerpoint presentations, medical translation services for video subtitling and translation services for video captioning.
At Transcription City our typists are experts in their field, so you can be assured that the standard of quality of our work will be exceptional. And it goes without saying  we have the highest level of confidentiality in our work. Contact us at any time for transcription services, translation services, subtitling services, captioning services and typing services.

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Diary of a Medical Translator and Transcriptionist

Oh, I love to learn new things. Transcription work, working as a Freelance transcriptionist and translator has an abundance of that. You never know what is coming your way. Personally, I love the medical transcriptions and the art-related ones. It makes for a very exciting work day if you not only type or translate, but also hear about new topics that you would never imagine you would come across at your tiny desk.

Medical Transcription Services

In terms of medical transcriptions, they range so far! The latest research trials for a new cancer drug, symposiums on an illness and the latest breakthroughs in treatments, as well as captivating patient interviews and assessments. Of course, there is strict confidentiality when completing jobs at Transcription City, that goes without saying, but this year I have learned about illnesses that I had never heard of before, which at the same time heightens the awareness for more complex causes. It definitely has had an effect on which charities I choose to donate to!

Translation Services

But there is also the additional benefit of transcribing and translating in the field of personal expertise, because all translators and transcriptionists at Transcription City are also experts in the fields that they are working in. So if you wanted to have an art-historical text translated, you can be assured that next to accuracy and translation expertise, your translator will also share your passion for Monet’s waterlilies. This is what makes it so exciting. Because they will also know their Klimt from their Schiele.
Occasionally there are some rarer gems as jobs. For example there were some vintage’ interviews from the BBC archive with some famous Hollywood actors from the 1950s. Simply spell-binding. It is always nice to have professionally recorded audio files as sound quality does make a significant difference to us, as we use headphones in our work  meaning we can hear all the noise, which also includes distracting sounds like the cutlery on the plates on the other tables in the restaurant that they are recorded on. If you are interested to know how you can make a professional recording to be transcribed or translated, please get in touch for advice.
So, I wonder what will be in store for me next? I really never know. Because if you listen, you can learn something new every day. Literally! How exciting! If you want to apply for transcription work, feel free to contact us via email.
We provide transcription services, translation services, subtitling services and closed captioning services if you would like more information, feel free to contact us at any time.

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