Compressing Your Audio Files Using iTunes

Converting Large Audio Files To MP3 for Transcription

If you have to record and a lot of video or audio files that you want to send to a transcription company to be transcribed, it can help if your files are small. This is because smaller files can be uploaded and downloaded much more quickly to and from your transcription service provider, meaning it takes up less of your time and less of theirs. Smaller files are also handy to have, as they take up less space on your computer, meaning that it will run faster, or if you store your files in the cloud, it will cost you less.

Today, we are going to take a look at ways that you can convert your .wav (large) files in to mp3 files (small) with minimum loss of quality.

Converting your audio files using iTunes

Although there are many different programs that allow you to convert your audio files into .mp3 files, we have chosen to show you on iTunes simply because most people have access to iTunes and it is free! So, here we go!

Things you will need:

– iTunes
– An audio file

First of all you need to open up iTunes on your desktop. Then select ‘Edit‘ and then, ‘Preferences‘ then click on ‘Import Settings‘ and select ‘Import Using – MP3 Encoder‘ from the drop down list (you are also able to select other audio formats, depending on your preferences). You should also ensure that in order to maintain the sound quality of the file that you select ‘High Quality (160 kbps)‘ or ‘Higher Quality (192 kbps)‘ is selected under setting. Then select ‘OK

Then find whatever sound file that you wish to convert and drag and drop in to iTunes. Then right click on the file (in iTunes) and select ‘Create MP3 Version‘. Depending on how large the file is, you may have to wait a little while for it to convert.

You will then see that a duplicate version of your audio file has been created (usually underneath your original sound file). You can check that the file is an MP3 by right clicking on the new sound file and selecting ‘Get Info‘ A new window will open up and you should be able to see ‘Kind: MPEG‘.

Your file is now an Mp3 and can be uploaded to your chosen transcription company, quickly, easily and without any extra time or cost!

If you have any questions regarding how to convert your audio or video files or are interested in using our transcription services, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are always happy to help.

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