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Finding the Right Medical Transcription Services Provider

Medical transcription can cover a large range of sectors; medicine covers a vast array of different specialties, but also encompasses a myriad of industries. For instance, transcribing a dictation from a surgeon, doctor or GP, can be very different and require a separate skill set than producing a medical video transcript, medical conference transcription or medico-legal report. Here at Transcription City, we match you with transcriptionists who have the expertise and experience to produce medical transcripts of the highest quality; in the style and format you require.

medical transcription services and medical video transcription services
Medical transcription services to suit your needs.

With that in mind, we thought we’d go through some of the aspects required to provide a great medical transcription service.

Medical Transcription Experience

One of the most important factors for providing a great medical transcription service is having the knowledge and skills to produce an accurate transcript, with all the proper research. Medical transcription covers a huge array of subjects and so when selecting a medical transcriptionist, it is important that they have knowledge in your area of expertise and that they constantly build their medical transcription database by keeping up to date with all the latest trends, research and training required for their chosen area of specialism.

Medical Transcription Deadlines

The medical industry often has tight deadlines that must be adhered to, but this shouldn’t mean a compromise on quality; a high level of accuracy should be maintained at all times. Your medical transcriptionist should have sufficient knowledge and resources to complete projects quickly and without errors.

Medical Transcription Formats

Depending on the subject area, medical transcription can require that your transcriptionist is able to work with a variety of transcription formats. For instance, a medical conference transcription is likely to have a very different layout when compared with a patient letter. Your chosen medical transcription company, should be able to produce and layout your medical dictations, interviews, conferences and video transcripts in a way that is both professional, uniform and in a format that suits your specific needs

Medical Video Transcription

Medical video transcription can cover anything from a Skype online conference transcription, to a medical documentary transcription or even a medico-legal video transcription. It is important that your chosen medical transcription company is able to provide an accurate video transcription that is both confidential, accurate and secure.

Medical Translation Services

As well as medical transcription services, sometimes you may also require medical translation services. For instance, it may be useful to have any flyers, leaflets, documents, letters and posters available in your medical facility in a number of different languages, in order to cater to all foreign speaking patients. Foreign language transcription can also be used for subtitling and captioning foreign language medical videos, translating medical conferences or interviews from one language to another, to make them accessible to all participants or parties interested. Medical literature can also be translated.
So as you can see, your chosen medical transcription services provider should cover a wide range of industries, specialties and media. Finding the right medical transcription company is key to obtaining an accurate, secure, timely and medical transcript, saving you time, money and hassle in the process.
If you want to know more about any of our transcription services or require a transcription quote, why not get in touch today? We are available 7 days per week and always happy to help.

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