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Fast Transcription Services and Expert Translation Services

Here at Transcription City, we pride ourselves on providing expert translation services and fast transcription services for all of our clients. This ensures that they never miss important deadlines and can always access our transcription services any time and from anywhere.

Transcription CIty - Transcription Services for a Variety of Video and Audio Files
Transcription Services for a Variety of Video and Audio Files

With that in mind, we are currently looking for experienced translators, linguists, typists, transcriptionists and subtitlers. Interested? Then read on…

Translation Services Working from home

Have you ever worked from home? If so, have you experienced the opinions that other people have about working from home? I have. The thought that we aren’t actually doing anything. That we watch daytime television while working a little on the laptop. Meet up for lunch with friends all the time, because we can spare the time. That we maybe do a couple of hours of work when really we are home while the kids are at school between 9.00am and 3.00pm?

Well, it isn’t that true, is it? Well, it isn’t for me anyway, because I actually have to earn a living providing expert translation services, and therefore have to use ALL that time that the children are at school to work. But yes, I may be able to put some washing on. Yes, I can snack and have as many coffees at I would like. Or that my body can cope with in terms of caffeine. And yes, I can sit at my desk slouching in my jogpants without showering  if I want to. *Sniffs*

But other than that, it is mostly a race against time for me. Not only for deadlines. You accept a job and you need to deliver on time. But for me, personally, I run a business as well as doing freelance work. And therefore it is often quite a juggling act to fit everything in. I often race through eating my lunch, often at my desk, and forget about that laundry altogether, because I haven’t really got the time. 

And then there are the days when the children are sick, or when you are sick yourself. Now then, even if it absolutely feels like the last thing on the planet you want to do, or even if that little poor cherub of you is wanting to cuddle up to you on the sofa watching Peppa Pig’ for the 100thtime, there is no such thing as being off sick. Because you won’t earn any money and there is no sick pay. So not such a rosy prospect after all.

There is also the isolation. It could be that for weeks you are not actually speaking to anyone during your work day, other than the 10 seconds the delivery man drops an order at your door or you make it to the post office to send some orders off. Yes, that is a bonus though, the post office employees get to know you pretty well. But otherwise, it can be very lonely indeed, even with the radio on.

But yes, jogpants and endless coffee refills are such a bonus. Anytime!

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