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Subtitling Services For Online Video and Television

Here at Transcription City, we offer a range of subtitling services, including subtitling services for online video, and subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing.Subtitling services, translation services, video transcription services, transcription services,

Subtitling Services for Online Video Television

As part of the many services we offer, Transcription City is pleased to boast the finest Subtitling services around.

Subtitling Services – Turnaround Times

Our skilled typists are on hand to cater for your specific requirements and can meet even the tightest deadlines. The time taken to complete subtitling work depends on a number of factors:

  • Duration of the video file
  • Complexity of the content
  • Any translation needs (other target language(s) requested)

By providing such high quality subtitling services, we take away the unnecessary strain from production companies, saving valuable time and money. Our typists work to incredibly high standards and take pride in their work.
Why choose Transcription City for your Television Subtitling needs?

  • We provide current pricing bands upfront and our rates are transparent.
  • Full quotations are provided without question and we always include a full breakdown of the work which will be covered.
  • Prior to providing an accurate estimate for work, we insist on viewing the text before work commences.
  • To ensure we deliver high quality results, we request additional information for clarification purposes.
  • Our website contains recent testimonials from other companies to demonstrate our sustained level of performance.
  • For large or complex pieces of work, we make sure we agree realistic deadlines with our clients. Where necessary, work is split between 2 or more subtitlers in order to fulfil your request.

Foreign Language Subtitling Services and Translation options

Translations from one language to another, or several languages, are frequently requested by our clients. Completion times vary; depending on the workload, translations can often returned to the client within a 24-hour turnaround time.
Reaching out to audiences with other languages can help increase your online presence, both in the UK and across the globe. Put the translations on the internet and you can increase your SEO significantly when compared to that of your competitors.

Subtitling Services – Voiceover options

Adding voiceovers to videos is another great way to improve the promotion of services and products abroad. After transcribing your video/film, text is translated by one of our skilled translators and then that translated text is used for a voice recording. Subtitles can be added also, making the video fully accessible to foreign speakers.

Live Subtitling Services

A less expensive means of subtitling broadcast content is to utitlise voice recognition technology. Preparation before the event is essential as it assists the subtitler to familiarise themselves with significant details in advance.
Using voice recognition software, audio is played through the subtitler’s headphones and they ‘re-speak’ the dialogue into the system via a microphone. The speech then appears on screen.

Subtitling Services – Open and Closed Captioning Options

We offer captioning services for all your video needs. Captions are frequently used for translation purposes where the source language is different from that of the country where the video is being aired. Also, open captions are predominantly used for the deaf or hard of hearing. Here are the 2 types of captioning services that we offer:
Open Captioning – captions are added to video/film and are burnt on. For the viewer, there is no option to turn them off. They are a permanent addition to the file.
Closed Captioning – with closed captions, inclusivity for foreign speakers and SDH is the main purpose, just as it is with open captions. However, closed captioning is not burnt permanently onto the video/film file; there is an option to turn the captions off.
For all of your subtitling services needs, translation services, transcription services, video transcription and more please contact us today through the website, email or telephone for a discussion and no obligation quote.
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