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Dutch Subtitling Services

Let’s take a look at our specialist Dutch subtitling services. Here at Transcription City, we provide a range of subtitling services, transcription services, translation services and closed captioning services.

Dutch Subtitling Services and Dutch Transcription Services

Subtitling Services and captioning services
Subtitling Services in a range of languages

All good subtitle files start with an accurate and fully proofread transcription of the source file. The transcription will then be timed perfectly to your video file to ensure that it is insync with the speech. If you are looking for closed captioning services in Dutch, this will also include any non-verbal audio cues (such as ‘phone rings’, ‘knock at the door’ or ‘sound of thunder’). These are essential parts of any closed caption file for the deaf or hard of hearing as these sounds can be vital to fully understanding the tone of the video and plot of of the story. Providing a word perfect Dutch transcription service is an essential part of creating professional Dutch subtitle files. We also provide open captioning (otherwise known as burned in subtitles when required).

Dutch Subtitling Services and Dutch Translation Services

Our Dutch subtitling services focus on ensuring that your final subtitle file is accurately timed, proofread and in the format you require. Whether the source language of your video is Dutch or you require subtitles to be translated into Dutch, we can help. We use professional linguists, translators and writers to ensure that any Dutch translations are in keeping with the tone and style of the source file. We also ensure that your Dutch subtitle files are fully localised whether being translated to or from Dutch.

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If you would like more information about our Dutch subtitling services, Dutch transcription services, Dutch translation services or Closed captioning services in Dutch, why not get in touch? We are available seven days a week and always happy to help.

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