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Blog Writing Services - Make your Blog a Success, Without the Stress!

Writing a new blog post every week can be a hassle! Not only do you have to find the time to sit down and write new content each week, but you also have to think of new content each week! Depending on the theme of your blog, coming up with new material for your readers, week in, week out can be stressful and extremely time consuming  especially if you want to produce high quality, well researched copy.

Here at Transcription City, we have a team of experienced writers and bloggers dedicated to creating, writing, updating and uploading regular blog posts for you and your business. We are able write top quality, informative, entertaining and relevant blog posts on virtually any subject. Our writers will produce copy that matches your desired tone and style perfectly. We always take care to research the subject matter of your blog post carefully and thoroughly to ensure that even the smallest detail is correct and up to date.

With your guidance we can write regular posts at a frequency that works for you and your budget, be that daily, weekly or monthly. We are also happy to upload your blog posts to your website, using any requirements regarding formatting, pictures and web optimization.

Blog Writing Services for Podcasts

If you record regular podcasts, then you have an excellent opportunity to produce high quality, original content via transcripts and blog posts. This can give you a huge advantage over your competitors, as well as making your podcasts easier to share via social media and email, whilst making your podcasts more accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. You could even think about getting your transcripts translated for world domination!

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Blog Writing for Video Podcasts or Vlogs

If you produce your own video podcast or are in charge of marketing a video podcast, then an accompanying blog is the way to go! Blog posts can be created using the theme of your video podcast or from individual subjects discussed within your podcast, to create whole new articles that elaborate on points that were briefly mentioned in your video podcast or even points that you forgot to make in your video and wish you’d remembered. This all helps to build the readership and the viewership of your video podcasts. As with audio podcasts, we always recommend having an accompanying transcript to go with your videos. We even offer video subtitles and are happy to provide subtitles and captions in the form of either .srt files or an interactive transcript to allow everyone to enjoy your content.


Blog Writing Services for Business Websites

If you are serious about making your business a real success, you need to build and maintain a good web presence and this means updating your website’s blog content on a regular basis. Your blog can be written to include SEO enhanced content, whilst also catering to the needs or requirements of your clients and readers. Constantly adding to your website on a regular basis offers a myriad of advantages, such as increasing your page rank and helping with your SEO (giving you a higher placement in the search results). It also offers you the opportunity to build your brand’s authority as an industry leader and target potential clients, all whilst keep existing clients informed of new products and special offers.

Blog posts also have an added advantage of allowing client interaction through blog comments, meaning that you have the opportunity to learn firsthand what your clients really think about your service or product and which areas of your business may need modification or improvement. Blog comments are also a great source of ideas when it comes to knowing what your readers want and how to better educate them on what your business has to offer them.

Dictation and Transcription of Blog Posts

If you would prefer to create your own blog content, but just don’t have the time to type and post it, we can help! Simply dictate your blog on you your Dictaphone, smartphone or iPhone and send it to us. We are happy to transcribe, proofread and (if needed) edit your dictations to produce content that is perfect for your blog. We are also happy to post your blog online, using any pictures or layouts you require.

Proofreading for Blogs

If you already have a blog that you write and maintain and don’t think you require our full blog writing services, we also offer a proofreading service for your blog. Our blog proofreaders will check your blog thoroughly for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and errors in syntax. Our proofreading service also includes a list of errors and suggestions for improvement. We can also cross reference any statistical or historical information quoted in your blog post to ensure that all of your articles maintain the highest level of accuracy.

If you would like more information about our blog writing services, transcription services (including sermon transcription services). Or would like to discuss starting a blog post or podcast, but don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place! We have a team of professional writers and bloggers who are available 7 days a week to provide you with friendly and helpful advice based on your individual needs and we can give you a quote. Give us a call or drop us an email today!

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