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Work From Home Transcription

A Day In The Life of a Work At Home Typist

My name is Hayley. I am a mum, working for Transcription City. I am 29 years old and have an English Literature degree along with six years subtitle writing experience. For work, I provide Work From Home Transcription. I have always been a very self motivated individual and loved my full time job providing transcription for a production company but my dream was always to be a stay at home mum. Sadly, this isn’t always possible in today’s economy so here is an example of how I schedule my day, looking after my five month old whilst also bringing in that much needed cash!
7:30am – James wakes for a feed. We play on his entertainment centre and read a book before he goes back down for a nap at around 9:30-10am.
10am – While James sleeps, I check my emails to see if any medical dictation work has come in from my regular client. If I have some, I make a start; if not, I email my boss at Transcription City to let her know I’m available to provide typing services and get on with the laundry or other household chores.
11:30am – James wakes and we have some time practising language skills on the sofa, singing and having pretend ‘babble’ conversations. He eats lunch at around 12pm and after, he has some more playtime and we go for a short walk for some fresh air (depending on the weather).
2:00pm – James is parched and goes back down for another nap. I get on the PC and check my work allocation. If I have medical dictation from earlier, I finish it as my medical client usually sends urgent transcriptions with short turnaround times. Otherwise, I begin on the work that has been sent my way. I specialise in subtitle transcription and subtitle production work but I also have experience in the medical field, so a range of different work may be available to me. Most days, I will do interview transcription as this seems to be the nature of the majority of work that comes into transcription companies.
4:00pm – James wakes up for a feed and again, we have playtime. I make my husband dinner ready for his return home.
6:00pm – Family and dinner time. We keep James awake, though much of this is quiet time, or bath time to keep him relaxed, gearing up for bed.
8:00pm – James is tucked in and out like a light. This is time for the hard work. I can usually fit in around 30 audio minutes of video transcription or subtitle production work in this time, which means I’m working till around 9:30pm.
9:30pm – Watch TV with my husband either downstairs or in bed.
10:30pm – Off to sleep, ready for a repeat of the same routine tomorrow.
So there it is, a solid hard day’s work but well worth it to be at home with my little one. Working for a typing services and transcription company is perfect for me because I can fit subtitling, dictation, interview typing and proofreading work in around my day as best suits me. It might not quite be my dream of being a 100% stay at home housewife, but it’s definitely damn close!!

If you have at least five years experience as a secretary or transcriptionist and have the experience and skill to provide accurate, timely and professional transcription services, send your CV info today!

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