What are STL Subtitles?

April 10, 2017 Samantha

STL subtitles are made for broadcast purposes and often used for closed captions and/or translating subtitles for television and film. They are a highly professional type of subtitle and use special encoding which can only be read by appropriate software, unlike other subtitles which can be edited within basic programmes such as notepad. It’s highly important when commencing any subtitle writing work to make sure the STL subtitle format will be compatible with videos by checking with your video service provider or broadcaster on their subtitling requirements. What are STL Subtitles?

STL Subtitle Services and Formatting

STL subtitles are highly flexible and professional subtitle writers are able to format them in a variety of ways, including:

  • Text colour
  • Text background colour
  • Onscreen positioning
  • Standard text deviations such as bold, italic, etc.
  • Formatting to accept foreign characters without causing compatibility issues

STL Subtitle Translation

STL subtitles are a very good option for translating subtitles because they are so easily formattable and accepted by an enormous variety of broadcasters across the globe.

At Transcription City, we translate STL subtitles in the following languages:

  • French STL subtitles
  • German STL subtitles
  • Spanish STL subtitles
  • Italian STL subtitles
  • Chinese STL subtitles
  • And more…

Subtitles, Captioning and Legal Requirements

Across the UK, using closed captions for broadcast video is a legal requirement and since recently, video on demand services carry a similar legal requirement. This requirement stretches to closed captions for the deaf but does not relate to subtitle translations.

As online video and media also become more popular and widely used by video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon video and NowTV (to name a few) it is also likely that the law will extend to online video as well as broadcast. For this reason, we urge video production companies to take a look at the measures they take to ensure their programmes and films offer the same viewing opportunities for all of their audience.

Subtitle translations can be incredibly important and useful in broadening a video’s appeal and availability to native foreign language speakers and a global audience.

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