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Video Translation and Foreign Language Subtitling Services

At Translation City, we love to work with video. We’re all about flexibility; flexibility in working with a variety of file formats, document formats, house styles and purposes. In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the different types of video translation services we offer and more importantly, what they all mean!

Video Transcription Services and video translation services
We can transcribe and translate your videos

Standard Video Translation

Our standard video translation service consists of one of two options, the first being as follows. A transcriptionist will transcribe the video in the source language. Following on from this, the transcript will be passed onto a translator who is a mother tongue speaker of the target language, who will translate the transcript. Lastly, the completed document will be proofread by a second translator who will check for consistency and accuracy within the script. For this service, there will be a charge for transcription and subsequently, a charge for translation. Clients will receive two documents – one in the source language, one in the target language. The second option is direct translation, a method which can save cost but offers slightly less accuracy perhaps than the first option. In direct translation, the video will be directly translated into the target language by a mother tongue speaker before being proofread for consistency and accuracy as before. Using this option, a client will be charged for translation only and receive only a document in the target language. Standard video translation is suitable for research and journalism purposes. It is not generally suitable for highly sensitive video requiring great accuracy.

Subtitle Translation

The process for subtitle translation can be quite complex, due to the nature of the work. Upon receiving a video file, a transcriptionist will type the subtitles in .SRT format in the source language, with time coding accurate to a millisecond, to fit the video. Subsequently, the .SRT or .SSA file will be forwarded onto translators of the required languages who will translate the subtitles line by line, making amendments to time codes as required. On completion of the subtitles, two proofreads will take place, one to check for consistency and accuracy of the written translation and another to watch through the video to ensure for absolute accuracy for timings.

Time Coded Video Translation

Time coded translation can be good for production companies who need a translation to match up with video timings – perhaps looking to add their own subtitles using the completed document, or research companies looking for a translation to reference certain parts of the video. We can work with different timings as requested for time coded translations, perhaps adding codes every minute, every 30 seconds, or every speaker change, as requested by the client. Time code frequency can alter the cost for this service, so be sure to specify requirements when asking for a quote.

YouTube, Vimeo Video Translation and Upload

For SEO purposes, translation of online videos can be brilliant for marketing yourself, your business, your products or your services. We can provide transcription and subsequent translation or direct translation (both described above) of online videos. We can work with your links to download the video files, or you can upload them to us if you would prefer, or use an FTP such as DropBox, WeTransfer, YouSendIt, or other. We can upload the completed .SRT direct to YouTube or Vimeo to work alongside your video, to really boost your search engine optimization and marketing.
We offer both video translation services and video transcription services as outlined above, including French translation, German translation, Italian translation, Portuguese translation, Spanish translation, Dutch translation, Greek translation and many many more…
If you are interested in any of our offerings for video translation, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, telephone or webchat.

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