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Video Transcription, Subtitling and Podcast Transcription

Video Transcription

Transcription City provides video transcription services to suit every clients needs. Here’s a short overview of just some of the most common types of video transcription services we have to offer.

Time coded Video Transcription

Time coded transcription can be invaluable if you have a large amount of videos and need to be able to locate relevant sections quickly and with minimum hassle. Time codes can be requested to be as frequent as you would like, whether it be for every new

Video Transcription, Podcast Transcription
Transcription Services for Video and Podcasts

speaker, every 2 minutes or even as often as every 30 seconds or less. Costs can vary depending on the frequency of the time codes, so please contact us for a quote.

Subtitle Services

Subtitles is a form of very accurate time coded transcription. We offer a range of subtitle formats that can be added to video both as open or closed captions in order to make them more accessible to the deaf or hard of hearing. Subtitle files can also be translated into any language of your choice, so that your videos can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter what language they speak. Transcription of subtitles is a very specialist area and Transcription City subtitle services are both accurate and competitively priced.

Basic Video Transcription

Basic video transcription may be useful for research purposes, to have a script to accompany interviews, focus groups conferences or films that are in video format. Basic video transcription can be typed in intelligent verbatim, strict verbatim, edited transcription or discourse analysis styles.

Video Podcast and SEO Transcription

If you have podcasts or videos online, perhaps on Vimeo or YouTube, you can use our podcast transcription services to enhance you Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and reach a wider and more diverse audience. Transcription City can also summarise your videos, write blogs or articles alongside this service. Please enquire to discuss this further and to get a podcast transcription quote.
If you would like more information about our video transcription services, virtual assistant services or any of our transcription services, why not get in touch? We are around 7 days a week and are happy to help at anytime.

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