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Video Transcription Services for Subtitling and Captioning

Here at Transcription City, we pride ourselves in producing video transcription services that are precise, accurate and timely to ensure that you get the information you need at a price that’s right. Alongside our general and time coded video transcription services, we also offer both captioning and subtitling services for both online and offline videos.

Video Subtitling Services

Video Transcription
Video Transcription – Don’t lose the meaning!

Video subtitles are great for providing the dialogue being spoken, alongside your videos. Subtitles can either be burned into the video (open subtitling) or available as and when you require them (closed subtitling). Generally speaking subtitles are most often used as a means of understanding a video that has dialogue spoken in a foreign language to the one being spoken in the country it is being shown, because of this, subtitles are often burned into a video, meaning that they are always in view and essentially part of the video itself. Subtitles can be used for the entire duration of a video or film or can be used just for foreign speaking parts or clips within a video

Video Captioning Services

Video captioning is a legal requirement for all broadcast video and film, as it allows viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing to enjoy all broadcast media. Video captioning is often confused with video subtitling, however, video captions are slightly more involved, as they contain both spoken dialogue and other relevant sounds within a video or film. For instance, if there is a knock at the door, or a window is broken off camera, this will also be indicated in the captions; this allows hard of hearing viewers to easily follow what is unfolding onscreen regardless of whether or not there are visual cues to support sounds that are integral to the viewer. Captions, like subtitles can be either open captions (burned in and permanently on display during the video) or closed captions (can be turned on and off at will). Most captioning will be closed, and therefore allows the viewer control over whether the dialogue is on display.
Here at Transcription City, we offer professional video transcription services, including logging of rushes, general video transcription, time coded transcription, and foreign subtitling services and both open and closed captioning services. If you would like us more information about any of our video or audio transcription services, please get in touch, as we are available seven days a week and always happy to help.

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