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Video Transcription Benefits

Why You Need Video Transcription!

Video transcription is becoming more and more popular these days, as businesses are finding that creating videos are an essential part of building a strong brand. Well produced videos also let your customers and potential customers get to know you and your company on a more personal level, which is great for building trust and putting a face to your brand name.

Why video transcription?

Having your videos transcribed offers numerous advantages for you and your company, not just in terms of accessibility, but also in terms of staying ahead of your competitors.

Video transcription for SEO

There are millions of videos available on the web today, with thousands more being made each day. So if you have decided to use video to promote yourself or your video, the competition is guaranteed to be fierce. One of the best ways to optimize your videos is through text. Search engines cannot read the content of video (just try looking at the automated captions on YouTube) so rely mainly on the text that accompanies you videos to rank them, categorize them and ultimately to help potential viewers find them. Having a video transcript to accompany your video is the perfect way to skyrocket your chances of being found above the competition, either in the form of subtitles, articles or accompanying transcripts.

Video transcription for hard of hearing

Giving viewers the option of watching your videos with subtitles makes them much more accessible to a wider audience such as those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or simply prefer to read onscreen text. This not only gives you a wider viewership, but also shows that your company cares about the needs and requirements of all your viewers.

Video transcription for translation purposes

Having your videos transcribed in the form of a time coded transcript or subtitles (such as .srt or .ssa files) means that they can be accurately translated and watched as subtitles or captions by viewers all over the world. So if you want to take your business global, this is a great way to start!

Video transcription and logging of rushes for video production companies

If you make high quality videos for your viewers, chances are you don’t get it right first time, every time. In order to get the best video, you will often have to go through hours of rushes to get to the good bits that you want to keep. By using a transcription service to transcribe and log your rushes, we save you time and money, allowing you to create the perfect production with minimum hassle!
If you would like to know more about the benefits of video transcription services, why not get in touch? We can design a transcription package that suits your needs and your budget, so that you can get on with the important stuff, like running your business!

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