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Video Transcription and Subtitling

Our Video Transcription and Subtitling Services

We provide video transcription services for live television shows, feature films, documentaries, online video, streaming video, DVD, VHS, edited and un edited film. Our video transcription services will provide you with the formatting, layout and style that you need depending on you’re your video transcripts are being used for. However, did you know that we also provide both captioning and subtitling services?

Captioning Services

Captions are similar to subtitles but differ in that they include both the dialogue of a video and any other sounds, (for example a door bell, a phone ringing or a dog barking off screen). Captions are generally used for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. They can also be used for enhancing viewer experience by adding any relevant information such as where something is being filmed, the title of the speaker, a date or a time.

Closed Captioning

video transcription and subtitling services
Video Transcription and Subtitling services

Video captioning is a legal requirement for all Television broadcasts in order to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing viewers are able fully enjoy all broadcast television. Recent changes in international law also indicate that web videos that have previously been broadcast should also provide closed captioning (video captioning that can be turned on or off). Many online video hosting sites have now made it easier to include closed captioning accepting interactive transcripts or .srt files. Which we think is great because everyone should be able to enjoy web videos!

Open Captioning

Open video captions (captions that are permanently burnt onto the screen) are usually used either for translation purposes or as a means of introducing a speaker, place or time in a film or program. When a video contains open captions, they become part of the video and cannot be removed.

Subtitling Services

Subtitling services are generally used for translation purposes, although when used on the web, they do have the advantage of increasing your SEO efforts, (as search engines cannot read the contents of a video, only the text that accompanies it). Web subtitles are often produced in .srt format, which makes them easy to edit and to translate, which gives your videos worldwide appeal and accessibility. We can provide a variety of subtitle formats and files.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of video transcription, including captioning or subtitles for your videos, why not get in touch? We offer a range of open and closed captions, subtitles and interactive transcripts.