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The Versatility of Transcription Services Part 2

In part one we talked about just some of the variations available when it comes to transcription services. In part two we’ll look at even more transcription services and translation services and how they can help you or your company.

Transcription services and translation services
We can help with your transcription needs.

Translation Services

Translation services cover a vast array of different media. For example, translation services can be used to translate documents, website localisation, foreign language subtitling services, audio and interview translation, interpreting, manuscript or script translations. When selecting a linguist for your project, we always ensure that they have at least five years solid experience, have specialist knowledge in the subject matter being translated, always translate into their mother tongue language and are always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to your needs and requirements. This ensures the most accurate and readable result.

Medical Transcription and Technical Transcription

All of our transcriptionists are hand selected depending on their knowledge and experience of the subject matter of the source audio or video file. For instance, we always ensure that a medical transcriptionist undertakes any medical transcription work and also has background experience and knowledge in the specialty being discussed or dictated. We also ensure that all technical and medical terms are thoroughly researched.

Edited Transcription and Copy Editing Services

Edited transcription is a great way of producing a more polished transcript that is concise and easy to read, without losing any of the original tone or meaning. Edited transcripts can be particularly useful for producing a press release, blog, article or journal with minimum hassle. We also provide proofreading and copy editing services using qualified proofreaders and experienced writers as and when required.

Copy Typing Services and Document Formatting Services

We are happy to work from both handwritten and typed documents when it comes to copy typing. We are also happy to produce documents with specific layout and formatting requirements, including leaflets, flyers, eBooks, newsletters, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

Data Entry Services

If you have any kind of hard copy or digital data that needs correlating, logging or organising, we can help. Simply let us know the details of your project and we will do the rest.
These are just some of the online transcription services and secretarial services that we offer. If you would like more information or a quote why not get in touch with us today? We are available 7 days a week and always happy to help. We look forward to connecting with you.

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