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Translation Services and Understanding The Options

With transcription services, pricing structures can be quite basic with a set amount per audio minute, but when it comes to translations, whether it be audio, video or a document, pricing structures can be more variable depending upon the type of translation you choose. Here’s some options on how you can have your files translated.Foreign Language transcription services, translation services, captioning services, document translation services, video translation services.

Video Translation Services

Say you have a video and want to use translation services to translate English into French. The price for the French translation project would be dependent upon a range of things. Here are some of the options…

  • For a simple transcript, you could either choose to have English transcription (charged per audio minute) followed by English to French document translation (charged per word), or alternatively, you could opt for a direct translation, where there will be no English transcript and the translator will work, translating French directly from the audio. The cheaper option will likely be dependent upon how much actual speech is in your video file,
  • For a time-coded translation and transcript, the more accurate option would be to have an English transcript followed by a French translation of the document, as by using a direct translation due to the differences in language structures, it may be more difficult for the French translator to synchronise the timings.

Subtitle Translation Services

Say you have a video that needs subtitling or closed captioning. The source video is in English and it needs to be translated into French. Here is the process that we use for subtitle translation…

  • For subtitles, you could request English subtitles and then subsequently have the .SRT document translated into French. For this, there would be a charge for English subtitle transcription per audio minute, followed by a charge for document translation from English to French, charged on a per word basis.
  • Alternatively, you could request a time coded English transcription, followed by a French translation and subsequent conversion of the time coded document into an .SRT format, but the timings would likely not be as accurate as the latter option.

Audio Translation Services

For audio translations, as for video, you can request to have a transcription in the source language, followed by a translation or a direct translation into your target language, such as English to French, English to German, or English to Russian, and so on. As with video translations, the cheaper option will likely be dependent upon how much speech there is in the original audio file.

Document Translation Services

For document translations, charges are on a per word basis. Formatting of the target document can be requested at an extra cost.
Document translation is the preferred method of translation for most linguists, as it does give a more accurate finished result, so at Transcription City when we take on translation services, we aim to give translators a document to work from, rather than using audio or video direct.
If you would like more information about any of our translation services or would like a to know more about our foreign language transcription services, why not get in touch? We are available seven days a week and are always happy to help.

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