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Transcription Services For Videos and Television

If you are looking for a transcription company to transcribe your videos, then you have come to the right place! Here at Transcription City we regularly transcribe all kinds of videos; from rushes to subtitles. Video transcription holds a vast number of benefits for both clients and viewers alike; from accessibility to search engine optimization. With that in mind, we thought we’d look at some of the different options we can offer our clients when it comes to their video transcripts and also some of the benefits they hold.

Video Transcription
Get the lion’s share of viewers with our video transcription services.

Video Transcription

The great thing about videos is that they are visual, as well as aural and this opens up a whole lot of options when it comes to choosing the style and layout of your video transcripts. Video transcription can offer all the basic options that audio transcription offers, (such as time coded transcription, discourse analysis/intelligent/edited/strict verbatim transcription) but with the added benefit of visual information such as captions, scenes, visual description/analysis and very little error when identifying speakers in group interviews.

Subtitles and Captions

Having subtitles and captions to accompany your video is a great idea for many reasons such as accessibility (for hard of hearing and foreign viewers) and search engine optimization. Our subtitling services can be tailored to your needs in terms of character count, maximum or minimum timings and correction of speech. We also offer burnt on subtitles for translation.

Video Blogs and Podcast Transcription

Video blogs and podcast transcripts are important if you want to offer your viewers/listeners different options to access your content. Video blog and podcast transcripts can either be strict verbatim or edited for ease of reading. We also offer time coded video and podcast transcripts, as many of our clients find this invaluable when it comes to editing.

Video Transcript Layouts

When it comes to video transcript layouts, our clients are spoilt for choice! We are happy to design bespoke transcript layouts to your specifications or can work with your existing templates if needed.
If you would like more information about our video transcription services or are interested in captioning, subtitling or translations, why not get in touch today? We have a team of video transcriptionists and translators who are available seven days a week and always happy to help.

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