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Transcription Services and Transcription Styles

Here at Transcription City we provide a range of transcription styles and layouts to ensure that you are always happy with the transcription services you receive. Our transcriptionists are required to have a minimum of five years’ experience in their chosen specialty, meaning that your transcripts are accurate, professional and on time. If you have never used a transcription services company before, you may be unsure of the layout or transcription style you require, so we thought we’d look at just some of the different options available to you. Remember to contact us if you have a transcription need or requirement not mentioned here.

Transcription Services, video transcription services, subtitling services, captioning services and transcription styles
Transcription Services

Transcription Styles

Strict Verbatim Transcription

If you have never used a transcription services company before, you may opt for a strict verbatim transcription service. Strict verbatim transcription includes every utterance (think “um’s”, “er’s”, repetitions, false starts, “You know”, “I mean”, etc.). Whilst strict verbatim can certainly be useful in certain fields such a legal transcription or transcription for conversational analysis; strict verbatim generally isn’t necessary for clients as it can be hard to understand due to the large number grammatical errors, repetition and quirks made in the vast majority of conversations.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription Services

Intelligent verbatim transcription is our most popular transcription style, as it combines the accuracy of strict verbatim transcription with the readability of an edited transcript. Intelligent verbatim transcription preserves the tone and style of your original dialogue, but omits redundant dialogue that adds nothing to the transcript such as “um’s”, “uh’s”, excessive repetitions, verbal nods and false starts. Intelligent verbatim transcription is our most cost effective transcription style.

Edited Transcription Services

Edited transcription takes intelligent verbatim transcription a step further, by tidying up the syntax, grammar and punctuation of the original dialogue. Edited transcription can be presented in the form of a transcript or heavily edited and rewritten to produce minute, notes, reports, articles, blogs and press releases.

Discourse Analysis Transcription Services

Discourse analysis uses a strict verbatim transcription style, but also includes other verbal information such as length of pauses in the speech, tone of voice, pitch of voice as well as any other verbal indications. We also provide visual analysis for video recordings if required.

Time Coded Transcription Services

Time coded transcription services can be useful if you need to find and cross reference sections of speech quickly and easily. A time coded transcript contains regular time stamps throughout the dialogue at pre-specified intervals or in relation to specific cues. This can be particularly useful for video editing and if you are using your transcripts for analysis or research purposes.

Subtitling Services

Subtitling is a form of transcription using very precise time codes. This allows dialogue from a film, video or television programme to display in sync with the speech and is most often used for foreign language films for translation purposes.

Captioning Services

Captioning is similar to subtitling in the way it is displayed on screen. However, captions contain both dialogue and audio cues that are vital to the video for viewers who are deaf of hard of hearing. This would include sounds such as [KNOCK AT THE DOOR], which if not referenced, can make a story or programme difficult to understand due to missing audio information.
If you would like more information about any of our transcription services, video transcription services, translation services, foreign language subtitling services or captioning services, why not get in touch today? We are always happy to help.

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