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Transcription Services For Therapists and Mental Health Professionals

Here at Transcription City, we transcribe a wide variety of audio and video files and when allocating your files, will hand select our transcriptionists depending on their experience and your need and requirements. Our medical transcription team, is ready and available to work on your files around the clock! With that in mind, let us take a look at our transcription services for therapists and mental health professionals and how we can help.Transcription Services For Therapists and Mental Health Professionals

Medical Letters and Medical Report Transcription

We are able to transcribe your dictations into letter, email or report form. We find that many clients need their letters to be typed up and returned quickly (often on the same day of sending). For this reason, we ensure that we have typists available to type up your correspondence quickly, accurately and efficiently, meaning you never have to miss another deadline.

Transcription for Therapy Sessions

Not only do we offer transcription services for your dictations, but we also provide expert transcription services for your one to one therapy sessions, couples therapy sessions and group therapy sessions. We find that this can really help you as a therapist or mental health professional to gain a better understanding and deeper clarity on how to best treat your patient and whether they are making good progress from your sessions. Having a transcript can also help you to notice and remember small details that may be of importance to your treatment program.
We also find that having your therapy sessions transcribed can also help you to improve and evaluate your interactions with your patients. For instance, are you asking the same questions in every session? Do you listen to your patients without interjection? Are you compassionate enough? Are you tough enough on your patients to inspire change and understanding? Having the answers to these questions can really help you to improve your treatment strategies and therefore offer a more structured treatment plan for your patients. We find that video transcription with visual descriptions can really supercharge these benefits, as you can then also evaluate more visual factors such as body language.
We hope you enjoyed the overview of our transcription services for therapists and mental health professionals.
If you would like to know more about any of our transcription services, including video transcription, foreign language subtitling services and captioning services, why not get in touch today? We are available to help seven days a week and look forward to helping you with your next project soon.

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