Transcription Services for Research Interviews

September 15, 2014 Samantha

If you are looking for transcription services for research interviews, you have come to the right place! Conducting research interviews and analyzing results can be a difficult, multi-skilled and time-consuming task. The prospect of organizing interviews alone can be a difficult (scheduling a convenient time for your interviewees, arranging a venue for group interviews, etc.). Only to find you have amassed hours and hours of interviews to transcribe and analyze!

Transcription services for research interviews

Professional transcription services for your research interviews.

Organizing Acquired Information

Collecting data in the form of audio or video recordings will help you to organize evidence and information for you records. If you have a recorded a large number of interviews, you may find that you have hours and hours of material that you need to go through. By transcribing your interviews, information can be retrieved and reviewed much more easily than having to go through hours of recordings. However, you may find that transcribing material yourself is much too time consuming and that even attempting to take rough notes takes much longer than anticipated. This is where you will find that using a professional transcription services company will not only save you hours and hours of time, but is also a more practical way of obtaining a written record of you data and streamlining your results.

Retrieving Information (Time coded Transcription)

As you can see, having your research interviews transcribed professionally offers a huge array of advantages. However, choosing the right style of transcription can prove even more useful. For instance, time coded transcripts can make finding quotes and sections of audio or video much easier to find. Discourse analysis, visual analysis (video transcription) and strict verbatim transcription can also offer many advantages when analyzing your data.

Helpful Resources for the Typist

If you do decide to have your interviews professionally transcribed, there are a number of things you can do to speed up turnaround, increase accuracy and also help out your typist. For instance, sending over relevant information pertaining to your recordings such as spellings of company names, speaker’s names, technical terms, new drugs (if medical) and also useful resources for research (e.g. websites, blogs, articles, etc.) will reduce the time your typists have to spend trawling the Internet for information and so increases turnaround times.

If you are involved in research and need a professional transcription services company to undertake transcribing your research interviews, we can help. Transcription City Typing Services are available seven days a week and can complete your transcripts quickly, accurately and with minimum hassle. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information or to obtain a transcription quote.



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