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Transcription Services and Formatting for Ebooks and Self Publishers

Here at Transcription City, we have a variety of services for writers and authors which includes formatting, typing, research and transcription services to help make the writing and publishing process as easy as possible.

Transcription services for writers, authors and self publishers
Build yourself a library of books – all written by you!

We know that producing well written, well researched copy can be extremely difficult and time consuming, so we thought we’d go through some of our top online support services for writers, authors and self publishers.

Transcription Services

One of the great things about using a transcription service for your writing is that it can help you to create your first draft with minimum effort. Dictations for first drafts can be recorded and sent from almost anywhere, eliminating the need for spending endless hours at your desk typing or writing. Interviews can also be transcribed and quoted from, helping you to create pages of copy in record time, all ready for your second draft!

Typing Services

If you prefer to hand write your manuscript, then chances are you don’t want to spend time typing everything out. We can take your handwritten copy and produce a professional, correctly formatted final draft, ready for publishing.

Translation Services

We have a team of linguists and translators who are capable of translating your copy into a variety of languages. Their skill and experience allows them to maintain the original tone, style and charm of you writing without losing meaning.

Research Services

Most professional writers will need to carry out research for their project at one time or another; whether that’s in the form of an interview, internet research, or field research, this can be extremely time consuming and also difficult to catalogue. We regularly carry our research for writers (and of course everyday for our transcripts) and can help you to obtain and verify the information you need to authenticate your copy and help establish you as a master in your craft.

Proofreading Services

It is strongly advisable to have your work proofread professionally before publishing publishing. Obvious mistakes can often be missed by the original writer, but can be easily picked up by your readers, which can impact your reputation and your income.

Copy Editing Services

While a proofreading service will correct basic mistakes such as grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, a copy editing service will look at additional aspects of the text such as sentence structure and syntax. Fact checking and research can also be carried out as an optional extra to this service.

Ebook Formatting Services

We are able to create well formatted, easy to read Ebooks for platforms such as Kindle, Smashwords and EPUB (compatible with Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Sony Reader) this will allow your readers to customise the font size, font style and adjust the line spacing to suit. We can also work with tables, graphs and pictures where required. All we need from you is the content and we will take care of the rest. All Ebooks are individually hand coded and we do not use Ebook formatting software to bulk convert; meaning that your Ebook works as it should and can be modified more easily where needed.

POD Formatting Services

Print on demand formatting services can be used if you wish to offer a hard copy version of your book. We are able to format your copy exactly as you like and can even design the Artwork for your cover. Ready for printing via self publishing platforms such as CreateSpace (
If you would like more information about our eBook formatting services, transcription services for writers or our print on demand formatting services, feel free to get in touch. We are available 7 days a week and always happy to help.

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