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Transcription Services and Foreign Language Transcription Services

Here at Transcription City, we have a wide range of expert transcription services on offer covering a range of sectors and industries. To ensure superior accuracy and faster turnaround times, we hand select our transcriptionists depending on your needs and requirements, meaning that you will receive a transcript typed by a secretary with relevant training and experience. Want to find out more about the type of projects we can help you with? Read on!

Foreign Language Transcription Services
Foreign Language Transcription Services

Video Transcription Services

We have a team of video transcription specialists. Our video transcriptionists are able to provide video transcription services from a variety of video files and formats, including mp4, mov, avi, VHS, DVD, USB, hard drive, streaming or online downloads. We work closely with many video production companies to ensure that they get the transcription services they need, whether that be time coded transcripts, post production transcripts, subtitling, captioning or transcripts with visual descriptions.

Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription requires a high level of accuracy, training and skill. Our medical transcription team are required to have at least five years solid experience in their chosen field or speciality. We can transcribe a variety of events (medical seminars, medical conferences, online medical discussions, training days, focus groups, interviews, group interviews and medical lectures).

Legal Transcription Services

Our legal transcription services include PACE interview transcription, transcription of interviews/dialogue for use as evidence, forensic reports, expert witness reports and legal correspondence. As with all our transcription services, all typists are required to sign an NDA (or confidentiality agreement) before receiving work from us.

Property Transcription Services

Our property transcription services can save you time and money. We have a team of online secretaries with many years experience in the property sector who are available and ready to help. We can also assist with other tasks such as document formatting, brochure design, email marketing, administration tasks and social media marketing.

Foreign Language Transcription Services

We provide transcription services in many different languages and can also provide translation services as an when required.
If you would like to know more about any of our transcription services, subtitling services, foreign language transcription services or translation services, why not get in touch with us today? We are available 7 days a week and are always happy to help.

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