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Transcription Services for Writers

Transcription Services for Authors

Typing services for writers
Transcription Services for Authors.

Writing is all about ideas, information and having the skills to convey your message to the reader in an engaging and interesting fashion. Transcription services for writers can be so helpful. It can be difficult to be creative and informative if you are under pressure, either because you have a tight deadline to meet or if you are writing in your spare time as well as having a full time job. Using a professional transcription service may be your answer.
Here are my top five ways that a transcription service can help you to finish your manuscript and even, perhaps become a bestselling author!

Transcription of your dictations.

Many people find that they have their best ideas when they are able to let their thoughts run freely and without interruption. Typing can slow down the flow of ideas and can stifle creativity. Using dictation to compose your manuscript is also ideal for authors who suffer with RSI or Carpal Tunnel injuries from many years of typing. It can also save time for authors who are blind or partially sighted.

Correct formatting and layout.

Depending on your requirements, many transcription services will be able to provide the formatting and layout that is best for you and your publishers’ needs. From your dictations or documents, we are able to layout and format your copy whichever way you want, with minimum hassle on your part.

Transcription Services for Writers – Copy Typing.

If you prefer to write by hand, it can be very time consuming to then have to type up what you have already written, ready for submission. By using a typing service, you won’t have to re-write your whole manuscript, meaning that that your work is completed faster and without the need to format, spell check or worry about the finished document. Transcription companies can also help by typing extra pages such as contents, bibliography or any references or citations.

Interviews and Other Data.

If you are writing a non-fiction book or eBook, chances are that you have included various other data or findings. You will find that many transcription services will be able to correlate your data or transcribe your interviews, videos or audio recordings so that they are presented perfectly for your manuscript. You could even ask for transcripts of your interviews to be edited so that they flow nicely and are easier to read.

Organisation of Notes and Ideas.

Many writers will have their best ideas while they are away from their desk. Whether you choose to keep your notes and ideas in a notebook or on a Dictaphone, it can sometimes be difficult to go through your notes and use them effectively. By using a transcription service, you can have all of your ideas professionally typed up, so that you can organise them more easily, making them more effective and easily accessible.

So, there are my five top ways that authors can use transcription services to their advantage. If you think this is something that you would like to try, please get in touch to discuss how we can tailor make our services to meet your needs.

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