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Transcription Services for Corporate Interviews and Business Meetings

Business and Corporate Transcription Services

Business can be tough at times, especially if you are in charge of a team or a head of a department and need to keep detailed accounts of sales meetings, research interviews or various formal client or employee interviews. One of the best (and most cost effective) ways of keeping an accurate record of events and interviews is to have Business meetingthem transcribed and archived.

Transcription Services for Research Interviews

Research interviews are a great way to evaluate, improve and diversify your business or company. Interviews for research can take many forms, from large focus groups or small group interviews, to telephone interviews or even webinars. Research interviews often provide large amounts of information that will need to be recorded and processed. Questions and answers must be carefully logged, submitted and analysed for general trends. Accuracy is of paramount importance if you want to plan and execute a business strategy that is sound. One of the easiest ways to acquire and analyse your findings is through professionally typed transcripts. Not only will these be a lot easier to analyse than hundreds of hours of audio or video footage, but they can also be discussed and shared between colleagues quickly and easily.

Transcription Services for Corporate and Business Meetings

Meetings can take many forms big or small. This can be from a couple of work colleagues discussing a sales or marketing strategy. Or a director or shareholder meetings. One of the most important things about holding meetings is to gain, share and expand knowledge. This is where a transcript can make all the difference. Having your meetings transcribed helps reflect a professional image. It is a great reference tool that helps your business move forward. Transcripts of meetings can also be sent to work colleagues and business associates. And is useful for people unable to attend your meeting, keeping them in the loop of any key decisions that were made or are in progress.

Transcription Services for Monitoring Customer Care

Good customer care should be the number one priory of virtually any business or organisation. Recording and transcribing customer calls is a great way of training staff. It produces positive client experiences and improves overall service. Providing your staff with transcripts of good and bad client interactions can help to produce a uniform standard of great customer service and help to pinpoint specific areas of concern for each and every member of staff. Through good customer service, you can set yourself apart from your competitors, not only by building customer loyalty, but also through more recommendations and a great company reputation.

Transcription Services for Disputes and Disciplinary Procedures

There aren’t many people who like the idea of conflict at work. However, unfortunately it is something that does happen more often than you would think in corporate business. Having an accurate transcript of any interviews is invaluable if the dispute ends up in court. A real account of questions, answers and discussions. Factual evidence from a transcript is likely to reduce the time spent arguing hearsay in court. It therefore makes you and your company significant savings.
There are so many more reasons that it makes sense to have your corporate and business interactions transcribed that we could write a whole book on it, but we think you get the picture!
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