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Transcription Services Extras

Transcription Companies and Extra Secretarial Services

Using a transcription service to transcribe your dictation, interviews or focus groups can save you a great deal of time and money. However, you may be surprised to find that many transcription companies also offer other useful services. Here are some of the services that transcription companies often offer in addition to basic transcription services.

Proofreading Services

Transcription companies use proofreaders for their transcripts on a regular basis to ensure quality control and also to provide their transcriptionists with feedback and training. Not only can you ask your chosen transcription service to carry out a second proofread on your transcript, but many transcription companies will also offer Proofreading service for dissertations, articles, blogs, novels, ebooks, contracts and letters using experienced and qualified proofreaders.

Editing Services

Transcription Companies work with words on a regular basis, so alongside proofreading your documents they can often include light editing services, giving constructive feedback on sentence structure, grammar and punctuation errors, helping you to both improve your writing skills and avoid any potentially embarrassing mistakes.

Time coded Transcripts and Subtitling Services

Films, Television program’s and videos need to be transcribed and time coded in order to be formatted for subtitles. You may find that some transcription companies are able to carry out the entire process for you, which often works out cheaper and faster. It’s also worth mentioning that many transcription companies also offer translation services for multi lingual subtitles.

Writing Services

Transcription companies hire typists, secretaries, writers and transcribers with high levels of experience in working with words. Some transcription companies, for this reason, can offer blog and article writing services. These services can be invaluable, especially if the article you plan on writing is based on an interview, conference, film or dictation that you have also had transcribed.

Virtual Assistance

Many transcription companies also employ online personal assistants and secretaries who can provide call answering, diary management and typing services. Online virtual assistance can save companies a considerable amount of time and money when compared to hiring permanent or temporary members of staff to take on work.
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