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Transcription Services – Diary of an experienced Transcriptionist

So it is 9.00am and the children are finally out of the house after the morning race to get everyone up, dressed and fed. Phew. What next? Oh yes, work. What have we got today? A transcription of a radio interview with a Hollywood actor about his new movie. That shall be interesting. Getting ready. Well, wait, this looks long, so we better have a coffee before we sit down. In June 2016 it was revealed that 4.2 million people in Britain are working from home*. I am one of them undertaking transcription work from home.


Transcription Work from Home. Ready, steady… Go!


So off we go. Download the file and load it into the Transcribing software. Bing. An email. Let’s see. Oh yes, charity donations for the school. I better check whether we have some left over chocolate to donate to the tombola. Who has left over chocolate? But work now. Hold on, better have a biscuit with that coffee, right?

So, the file is downloaded, open the Word document template file. Headphones on. Okay, just waiting for the song on the radio to finish, because we can’t have music on while transcribing audio files. Fingers on keyboard and off we go. Ding Dong. What now? The postman wants to leave a parcel for the neighbour. “Thank you” and “Bye.” Might be the only three words I am uttering to another human being all day, other than my family. Yes, that is the reality of working from home.

Back to the work, that’s right. Oh, the coffee has gone cold, we better heat that up. Ok, let’s do this. Headphones on, file ready, press the “Play” button on the foot pedal. Off we go. Oh, he is talking fast, we better adjust the speed on the recording. There we are. That is better. The coffee is good. So he is talking about his new movie. Sounds very interesting. I wonder when it is on at the local cinema.


Life as a Transcriptionist


No, keep typing. Don’t stop. Ah yes, it is showing. Better message the husband to see when he is free to go. Keep typing. What? Hubby is out next Friday, well, what about the Friday after? Keep typing, we are getting there. Ok, Friday after is ok. Let’s book the tickets. No, keep on typing, there is a deadline to be met! Ok, DONE! Gosh, I am getting really tired. I have been so busy, I think I need another coffee¦ Distractions, distractions¦ don’t we all know it?

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