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April 22, 2014 Samantha

Whether you are a part of a billion dollar company or run your own small business, outsourcing to an online transcription company or virtual assistant service can save you a huge amount of time and money, whilst staying ahead of the competition. If you haven’t considered outsourcing before, it’s time to look at just some of the many benefits it can offer to you and your business.

Transcription Services

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Transcription and Secretarial Outsourcing Benefits

Transcription Services Save Time

Chances are, even if you have your own secretary, there is still plenty of unfinished work that needs completing at the end of each day (especially if your assistant is off sick or on holiday). Using a transcription service allows you to free up much needed time and urgent projects can even be done overnight. Remember, it takes roughly 3-4 hours to transcribe a simple dictation – so you can save hours each day, just by using transcription services.

Transcription Companies Save Money

As mentioned above, the majority of transcription services will work overnight, long after your office staff have gone home, at a charge that is far less than paying full time or temporary staff overtime rates. The advantage of using a transcription company is that you only pay for the work that has been completed (so no more worrying about paying for holidays, sickness or even lunch breaks). Work is always completed quickly, accurately and with minimum hassle.

Transcription Services are Convenient

Many transcription services will work weekends, evenings and holidays, meaning that whatever time of day or time of year, you can rest assured you can complete your work. This is also great news when it comes to finding holiday or sick cover, at short notice and low cost.

Transcription Companies use Experienced Online Secretaries

Whether you need a personal letter typed up, a medical report to be completed or a time coded transcript of your video rushes, a good transcription service will provide an online secretary, transcriptionist or virtual assistant with all the necessary experience, equipment and training. When it comes to online transcription and virtual assistance you can access top level expertise, without the hefty costs.

If you are interested in using transcription services or an online virtual assistant, we’d love to hear from you. We offer free quotes and trials, so feel free to get in touch at your earliest convenience.




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