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Transcription Services and Script Production Features

As part of the screenwriting services we offer we want to demonstrate the useful, time-saving features of screen writing, transcription services and the script production features. This week we are focusing on what the software has to offer in terms of production. Let’s explore!Script writing services, transcription services, video transcription services, translation services, translations, transcription company London

Script Production – Watermarks

Every good script needs protecting, and with First Draft’s watermark facility you can ensure your work is identifiable thanks to customisable watermarking. Adding the identity of your reader to the script on a hardcopy form means that any leak of your script can be easily linked to the original recipient. The watermark can also be added in a lighter colour so not to distract the reader from the content.

Script Production – Revision Mode

In revision mode you can track and review script changes during the entire production process from start to finish. Within this feature it is possible to lock particular pages, omit scenes and set revision colours. In fact, there is a range of revision colours available on the software, but you can also customise your own. Additionally, there is the option to merge pages even if the script it locked.

Script Production – Coloured Revised Pages

Exporting your script in Revision Mode to PDF will highlight your revised pages to colours such as blue, yellow, green, pink and so on. In comparison, any script in an FDX file format will present with page borders in those colours, whilst reading and writing space remain white.

Script Production – Scene

First Draft allows you to view scenes by the following:

  • Script order
  • Alphabetical order
  • Shortest scene
  • Longest scene

Script Formatting – Location

Locations can be reviewed by the following:

  • Script order
  • Alphabetical order
  • Scene introduction
  • Time of day
  • Most occurrences
  • Least occurrences

Script Production – Reporting

Final Draft allows you to customise reports.
In order to evaluate distribution of speaking scenes, and total number of dialogues by character, Final Draft enables scriptwriters to generate data for comparison. Furthermore, the software can provide a total number of scenes separated and summarised by character.
Character Dialogue and Scenes
In the instance that you wish to view all scenes containing a particular character, or check dialogue by character, Final Draft has the capability to fulfil your requirement.
Cast List
Using the information input to your script, this advanced software can be utilised to generate a cast list.
Need to search your script by particular elements only? First Draft allows you to select and view by Dialogue, Scene Headings, Action Lines and more.
With First Draft, gathering statistics from your script is easy. Here is what you can do:

  • General Statistics – View total words and paragraphs
  • Element Statistics – View number and percentage of elements
  • Character Statistics – View individual character’s number of lines or words, and i which scene he or she appears

So if you are interested in what Final Draft has to offer and would like to see your script finally come to life, contact Transcription City today. For these or any of the other transcription services, translation services, closed captioning services and subtitling services we have on offer, please get in touch via the website, telephone or email!
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