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Transcription Services and Document Formatting Services

Here at Transcription City, we offer a huge range of transcription services (for both video and audio). We also provide closed captioning (for the deaf and hard of hearing) as well as subtitling services and translation services. But did you know, that we also offer virtual assistance? This covers admin tasks such as document formatting services, data entry, email administration and copy typing services. With that in mind, we thought we’d write a bit about how to do some of the more basic tasks using Microsoft Word.

Document Formatting Services – How to use Bold, Underline and Italics

Altering the style of font can make a huge difference to a document. There are several ways to make your content more interesting to the reader, whether it be changing text to bold or italics to make it stand out, or using underlining to draw attention to titles, headings and subheadings. Here, we will explore some easy methods you can use in your everyday document production.
To change normal text to bold:
All you need to do is select and highlight text with the mouse, clicking on B’ in the formatting ribbon; the ribbon can be located at the top of any Word document. This will thicken the appearance of the text. An alternative method is to utilise shortcut keys. Firstly, highlight your text by holding down the Shift’ key and the arrow keys. Once the text has been highlighted, hold down Ctrl’ and press the B’ button on your keyboard. As before, the text will be given greater prominence in the document.
To change selected font to italics:
In order to give your text a slanted appearance, select the text with the mouse and click I’ in the formatting ribbon. Should you wish to italicise via shortcut keys, highlight the text you wish to format. Next, whilst holding down the Ctrl’ key, also press the I’ key. Italics work particularly well to draw a reader’s focus to speech quotations and different types of headings or sub-headings.
To underline selected text:
Select and highlight the text with your mouse, then click on the U’ on the formatting ribbon above. Similarly, using the shortcut key method, hold down the Ctrl’ button and press U’ on the keyboard. Underlining is a useful way of demonstrating divisions in a document. An additional feature in the formatting ribbon is that it allows you to access a list of different underlines from a drop-down menu next to the U‘ button. This means you can pick from a selection of different types, from double underlines, bold underlines and many more. Of course, if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, we offer document formatting services for a range of needs and requirements.
Using these small changes is a simple yet effective way to add interest to a document. Using bold, italic and underline assists to highlight text and draw a reader’s attention to lines or sections that are particularly significant to the content. This is just one way to inject a creative element into any word document. Don’t forget, our typists at Transcription City are also on hand to ease some of your work and provide professional document formatting services.
If you would like more information about any of our transcription services, captioning services, subtitling services or translation services, why not get in touch? We are available 7 days a week and always happy to help.

For more information on document formatting, visit this useful website.

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