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Transcription Services for Academic Talks and Lectures

If you are a student, teacher or lecturer, chances are you regularly attend academic lectures or educational talks concerning your chosen field or specialty. Problem is, it can be extremely difficult to remember everything that has been discussed and explored. Even with the slides and notes from a lecture, many points that have been raised or questioned, will often be lost; especially if the lecturer is very knowledgeable in his or her field or if a large proportion of the talk has been dedicated to a question and answers session. This is why it can be a really great idea to record and transcribe lectures or academic talks; let’s have a look at some of the benefits of lecture transcription.

Transcription services for talks and lectures
No need to cheat, with an academic transcript!

The Benefits of Transcription for Academic Talks

Transcription of Lectures Reduces the Stress and Pressure of Note Taking

One of the main reasons to have your lectures transcribed is that it removes a lot of the stress and pressure when it comes to taking notes. Having your lectures transcribed, means that you can sit and enjoy what is being said, instead of looking around to you see your friends and fellow students vigorously taking notes whilst you worry about what you’ve missed.

Transcription of Lectures Saves you Time

As well as feeling less stressed during lectures, you can also save time with academic transcription. Having a transcript of your lecture, already typed up, means that you can either study directly from your transcripts, without having to make your own notes, or simply read through and remove any bits of dialogue that are not needed. For a complete set of notes in the time it takes to read your transcript!

Lecture Transcripts and Organising your Study Schedule

Finally, one of the best things about having your lectures transcribed, is that your chosen transcription company will clearly title your transcripts and will often put each new subject discussed into it’s own folder. This means that each time a new module is studied, you will have a new folder created. We find that this helps students organize their study schedule and retrieve the lecture they want to study, with minimum hassle and kerfuffle!
If you would like to know more about the transcription services we offer or would like us to provide you with a quote for transcribing your audio or video files, why not get in touch today? We have a friendly team of transcriptionists and online secretaries who are always around and happy to help.

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