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Transcription Rates and Uploading Files

A Guide to Using our Transcription Services for the First Time

If you have decided to use a transcription service for the first time, there may be confusion about how to send your files, what you information your chosen transcription company needs from you and how the whole process works. We thought we’d clarify how the cost of transcription is calculated and how to send your files to us if using our transcription services for the first time. A guide to transcription rates and uploading files for transcription.

Calculating the Cost of Transcription

The price of transcription can vary greatly depending on the type of audio or video file that you send and the style of transcription you require. When shopping around for a quote, it is important that you provide details of the type of file you have (mp3, mp4, DVD or online link, etc.) as this can affect both the price and the turnaround of your transcript. For example, uploading an mp3 file containing simple dictation, is going to be a lot cheaper and faster to turnaround than posting us a DVD of a focus group. Providing the right information to transcription companies avoids any nasty surprises when it comes to pricing and turnaround. Add on’s such as time-codes, discourse analysis, files containing strong accents, needing a sound file clean up and requiring a fast turnaround are all going to affect the cost of your transcript.

Sending Your Files For Transcription

We ask that all new clients complete our new client registration form before sending us any files for transcription. Once we have received your details, there are a few different options you can take when sending over your files to be transcribed, depending on the type of file you have. Hard copies of files (such as cassette tapes, DVD’s, CD’s, handwritten documents or USB sticks) can either be couriered or posted to us. Alternatively, you can convert these files into digital formats and then send them online (details of how to do this our available on our website or contact us for more details). If you already have digital copies of your files on your computer, you can either upload them directly to us or email them to us (provided they are small enough). We also accept links such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox and similar.
If you would like more information about our transcription services or would like us to provide you with a quote, why not get in touch with us today? Our team can advise you on transcription rates.  We provide fast turnaround times, experienced transcriptionists and accept a wide variety of file formats.

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