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Transcription For Authors

How a transcription company can help authors

With the huge popularity of blogging, Ebooks and article writing, the web is full of talented writers. Whether being an author is your full time job, a hobby or a part of your online marketing strategy there are a number of online resources that can help you improve you writing skills and minimize the amount of time that you are sat at your keyboard typing. Using an online transcription service to transcribe your dictation and thoughts means that you have more time to come up with great ideas or spend time with loved ones, while maintaining or even increasing your productivity!


The great thing about transcription is that it can provide you with the basic framework for your finished product and it’s not all about recording simple dictation. For example, blog posts, articles or even entire novels can be based around transcripts produced from interviews, video transcripts or even simply recording your ideas as and when you have them. Being able to read through an organized transcript allows for easier editing, note making and brainstorming. In fact, why not give it a try yourself by compiling the majority of the content for your next article or blog post from the transcript of an interesting interview or conversation you have taken part in?


You will find that many transcription companies will also offer additional services such as proofreading and sometimes even editing services. If they don’t it’s highly likely that they will work with other companies that do provide these kinds of services. Having your work professionally proofread and edited can often mean the difference between a successful piece of writing and a complete failure, as readers are often agitated by spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar, especially if they have paid for your work.


Editing services are also a good way of improving your writing skills by providing constructive feedback on your writing style or grammatical errors. We strongly suggest that you ask for tracked changes on the work you wish to have edited, as this ensures that you can see exactly what has been changed and decide yourself whether you are happy with the changes or would like to rewrite them yourself. The use of tracked changes also makes it a lot easier for you to pinpoint exactly where you are making errors in your writing, such as mixing tenses, changing writing styles or the general flow of your work.
If you are an author who is interested in using our proofreading, editing or transcription services, why not contact us today for more information or suggestions on how we can help, we look forward to hearing from you!

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