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What Does A Transcription Company Do?

A Transcription Company provides transcription services (audio typing) to clients needing a written copy of words spoken. Transcription be undertaken using a variety of recordings such as video or audio files and transferred to a written document – also known as a transcript.

Transcription services
We need a transcription company!

A transcript can come in a variety of layouts and styles such as:

Time coded Transcription

A time coded transcript will provide all dialogue spoken in your audio or video file and will also include regular time stamps so that the reader can easily find sections of dialogue in their recording.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription and Edited Transcription

Intelligent verbatim and edited transcription takes the dialogue spoken and removes redundant information, such as “Um’s”, false starts, repetition and aside conversations that contain unhelpful information. Edited transcription can also go as far as to rewrite what has been spoken, amending grammatical errors, slang and altering syntax etc. to make the transcript more reader friendly (in a similar style to a blog page or newspaper article).

Video Transcription

Video transcription offers another dimension for your transcript, in that visual cues can also be included alongside the dialogue.

Discourse Analysis Transcription

Discourse analysis transcription is a strict verbatim transcript, but even more detailed, as it includes tone of voice, length of pauses, laughter, crying and all background noise. This is especially useful for research and medical clients.

Medical Reports (from Medical Dictations)

Transcripts can be typed using a variety of templates, including reports and letters from dictation.

Property Transcription

Property transcription can include letters, inventories, contracts and correspondence.

Legal Transcripts

Legal transcripts can be in the form of letters, contracts, agreements, PACE interviews, fraud interviews and court transcription.
Transcription companies can be used by a large variety of industries and sectors, to provide transcription services ranging from one to one interview transcription to transcription of complex medical seminars and even video transcription in the form of either subtitles, captions or transcription of rushes.
Transcription companies can save companies time and money when it comes to things like video editing and also provide crucial evidence in court cases. In fact, transcription covers a huge variety of purposes and subjects (far too many for one blog post!). If you are interested in knowing more about the transcription services we offer and would like a quote, please feel free to contact us at any time, we look forward to helping you with all your transcription and online administrative work!

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