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Transcription City News… and Happy Halloween!

Speech Recognition and Editing Services

If you regularly dictate letters, emails, reports or agendas and like to use speech recognition software, then chances are you spend quite a bit of time editing and correcting the errors it can make. Here at Transcription City, we offer both proofreading and editing services for documents created using speech recognition software, meaning we leave you with a word perfect transcript by transforming your rough drafts.

Missing a deadline is scary!

After speaking with several regular users of speech recognition software, most reported that even after years of training, they were still finding numerous (and sometimes embarrassing) errors from their dictations, meaning that they needed to use a keen eye to double check for mistakes. This is especially important if you are using speech recognition software for professional documents or reports that will be circulated and read by more than one set of eyes, as even small errors can reflect badly on you or your companies’ reputation.
We of course will always recommend the human touch when it comes to transcription services. Although speech recognition software is improving, it lacks the common sense to pick up errors that go further than simple spelling mistakes, factual errors or inconsistencies in dialogue, something that a transcriptionist would easily spot.

Translation Services for Video

Our translation services for video now cover multilingual transcription of video rushes, subtitling services and both open and closed captioning. We also offer standard video transcription (with or without time coding). Having your videos transcribed and translated into one or several languages will improve your audience globally, is great for accessibility and will put you ahead of your competitors. For clients that would like to know more about our translation packages for video and SEO, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and help you to design a transcription/translation/SEO package that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Happy Halloween from Transcription City!

Finally, we would also like to wish everyone a happy Halloween! As we move into the holiday season, we like to let all of our clients know that we will be available 7 days a week as usual right through to the new year. Call us on 02088168584 or email
And if that isn’t enough, we thought we’d share our first holiday season video. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it… Mwah haha!

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