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Transcription and Translation Services Packages

Do you have a project that requires both transcription and translation? If so, you may be at a quandary as to whether to use separate transcription companies and translation companies to or bundle all of your writing requirements together with one company. At Transcription City, we often work with translation companies, especially in assisting with creating .srt files for foreign language subtitle translations, but since branching into translation services ourselves, we can really offer you the benefits of taking on transcription and translation projects as one big package. Here’s some of those benefits…

Translation services and transcription services
Translation Services and Translation Services

Translation Services Rates

When pricing up for any large project that requires lots of interconnecting aspects, whether it be foreign subtitle transcription followed by translation, or time coded transcription with proofreading, or just a huge amount of video or audio in a variety of different languages, approaching one company for an all round package can really save you money and get you a better deal.

Translation Services with a Quick Turnaround

Online typing jobs, regardless of language, require uploading and downloading of large files, allocation of work to linguists and/or transcriptionists, followed by proofreading for accuracy, and checking and formatting by administrators to price up the work and send it back to the client. Add to that process two companies working together to share files, instructions and important information, and you have a great recipe for missing tight deadlines. For the most expedient translation services, try to stick with one transcription/translation company.

Translation and Consistency

For your interview translations, conference translations, or video translation work, you may have a certain house style, or format you like your documents to conform to. Transcription and translation companies often also have their own individual styles, and if you are splitting work between two companies, you might end up having to spend extra time formatting documents to keep a consistent style. You can try sending templates for each company to work with, but repeatedly using the same linguists, transcriptionists and typing company can really help keep standards and styles of your translations consistent.

Translation Services and Loyalty

Most companies strive to keep standards of work as high as possible in order to keep repeat business going, and it goes without saying that the more work you place with a company, the more loyalty and trust you develop with that company. Trust and loyalty means that your translation and transcription service company will more willingly push the boat out and go that extra mile for you; ensuring you meet your tight deadlines, and that your documents get that extra proofread or translation certification that you requested. Loyalty is so important in business, and the benefits work both ways.
So that’s it, our Transcription City list on why it’s always best to bundle together your transcription and translation work. If you are interested in translation services or transcription services, or are a regular transcription client that has potential for translations, contact us today to discuss your needs.

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