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Transcript Extras Explained Part Two

Transcript Extras

More transcript extras! We offer a wide range of transcription services and transcription styles. However, be aware that some styles of transcription can take more time and skill than others, meaning higher charges. Here we outline some of our transcription extras explained and what they mean.

Transcription of Audio and Video with Foreign Accents

If you have sound files or video files that you need transcribed that contain spoken English with a regional accent, we are happy to find a typist who is familiar with your particular dialect. However, sound or video files that contain English spoken as a foreign language, will often incur an additional charge. Transcription of non-native English speakers will likely mean that the transcriptionist will have to listen extremely carefully in order to understand what is being said. Oftentimes speakers who do not speak English as a mother tongue will often mix up their words and may even need the grammar corrected in the transcript in order for the conversation to make sense when read back.

Low Quality Audio/Video Transcription

Even though we use high quality transcription software to listen to you files along with noise cancelling headphones, audio of a low quality will take much longer to transcribe and contain more [unclear] or [inaudible] than a high quality sound or video file. Please bear in mind, that even after we clean up the sound on your audio files with our specialist software, it is impossible to turn a bad recording into a good recording. This means that bad audio recordings are often charged at a higher rate per minute than high quality recordings. If you would like advice on how to record a high quality audio or video file for transcription, feel free to contact us.

Fast Turnaround Transcription

We aim to turnaround standard files in 24-48 hours. We do offer faster turnarounds than this for an extra charge. At time of writing, we offer turnarounds from 4 hours, overnight, 12 hours and 24 hours. Please note that very fast turnarounds will be subject to typist availability.

Multiple Speaker Transcription

Multiple speaker files can be very difficult to transcribe and so require an experienced transcriptionist, who is familiar with both the subject matter and the accents contained within the sound or video file. Multiple speaker interviews are often subject to participants who will speak over each other, speak to too quietly or too far from an available microphone. There are also often issues with background noise. It can also be very difficult to distinguish between several different speakers, so it is always best to provide as much information for the typists as possible when submitting these files.

Extra Proofreader for Transcripts

The use of an extra proofreader is often advised for files that are technical/medical, contain multiple speakers, are legal in nature or need to be perfect in accuracy. Although the transcriptionist proofreads all standard transcripts before sending, a second pair of ears to listen through the audio alongside the transcript will often pick up additional information. Our proofreaders will also check and cross reference any terms or facts contained within the transcript.

Weekend and Evening Transcription

Weekend and evening transcription services are available and are charged at an additional cost.
If you would like more information about our transcription services, or would like a quote for transcribing your video or audio files, why not contact us today? For an exact quote and short sample, please upload your files to us, along with any special instructions or additional information.

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