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Time Coded Transcripts

Why have a time coded transcript?

Transcription city provides their clients with a number of different styles and formats for their transcripts.
A time coded transcript includes not only dialogue from a sound or video file, but also an accurate time stamp of when the words were spoken. Time codes can be included either at set intervals (say every five minutes) or for at certain cues (every time someone new speaks).

Here are some of the different reasons that you may want to opt for a time coded transcript:


One of the most popular reasons to request a time coded transcript is for creating subtitles for TV, video and film. Subtitles can be formatted in a number of different styles, depending on the clients’ specific needs and whether the files are intended for either film, television or the web. Time codes are usually included on a ‘per line’ basis and can include extra information such as, captions, titles and credits. Transcripts can either be created in Word, Plain text, .SRT or .SSA formats.


Having a time code included in your interview transcripts makes finding quotes or specific pieces of dialogue or information easy to navigate to. Time coded transcripts are often used for legal interviews (such as PACE interviews) or for research interviews and focus groups in order to make it easier to find and analyse parts of dialogue or certain quotes contained within the transcript.
There are many reasons you may decide to opt for a time coded transcript please feel free to share your thoughts below.
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