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The Advantages Of Video Transcription

Five Reasons To Have Your Online Videos Transcribed

Online videos are a great way to share information about you or your business. If you are running a business or are in charge of marketing, online videos are one of the best ways to establish you brand, while building trust with your clients. With that in mind, let’s look at the top five reasons to have your videos transcribed.

Video Transcription
Video Transcription

Reason One – Those three little words that mean so much; search engine optimization! One of the most effective methods of getting to the top of Google is through producing high quality, informative content. Unfortunately, videos cannot be read by search engines such as Google and Yahoo, so even if you have regularly produced hundreds of high quality videos, there’s still a good chance that they could become lost amongst the millions of videos online available on YouTube alone. Although coming up with the best video title and description certainly helps search engines to find you, having a full video transcript to go with your video gives you hundreds if not thousands of words (including your chosen keywords) making it much more likely that you will be found by the right viewer and build a solid and loyal client base.
Reason Two – Building a diverse audience for you videos is the key to success and infinitely increases the chances of your videos going viral. Adding subtitles to your videos more than doubles your potential audience, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing and those who prefer to read. To supercharge the effect, why not add the option of foreign subtitles to your videos?
Reason Three – Blogs, articles and ebooks are all effective marketing tools that can augment the power of your videos. Cleverly written articles and blog posted can be quickly and almost effortless produced using transcripts from your videos, that have been carefully edited to read perfectly whilst seamlessly integrating your target keywords, giving real bang for you buck!
Reason Four – Videos can be difficult to share with friends or work colleagues on the go. Having a transcript to accompany your video means that your content more readily available. For instance, the developments and ideas discussed during an important business Webinar can be read almost anywhere or even converted into minutes, to include important highlights.
Reason Five – Some people just prefer to read! Reading a transcript is faster and often more easily absorbed than watching a video. Many people simple prefer the convenience of scanning a transcript. Transcripts from academic videos also make it a lot easier for students to study and make notes from than a video. PDF formats can even be downloaded to reader devices such as ibooks and kindle, meaning video series can be stored in order and referred back to as needed.
So there’s our top five reasons to have your videos transcribed. Can you think if any more? If so we’d love to hear your thoughts, feel free to leave your comments below.
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