Recording Services for Meetings, Seminars and Conferences

November 28, 2018 Samantha

If you regularly hold meetings, seminars or conferences it can be wise to record them to have them transcribed or translated. Our recording Services for Meetings, seminars and conferences can make doing this quick, easy and simple. Why would you record your meeting? Let’s have a look of some of the benefits of recording, transcribing and translating your meetings, seminars and conferences.

Why Use Recording Services for Meetings?

Recording your meetings makes sense because firstly it means that no one has to ever miss the content of a meeting, seminar or conference. Recordings can be shared with absent attendees no matter where they are in the world. With the added bonus of transcribing your meetings (or using our minute taking services) you can easily share content. With our translation services, you can share content no matter what language your clients, employees or attendees speak.Recording Services for Meetings, Seminars and Conferences

Meeting Recording Services and Minute Taking Services

Taking minutes can be difficult to downright disastrous without the proper training and experience. With our recording services, we can record your meeting and take minutes simultaneously or we can create minutes from the recording alone. Once complete, we can provide you with the minutes of your meeting (or a full transcription service or translation service). Minutes can also be translated if required for foreign language participants. Meeting minutes can be sent via email or shared via private internal networks, articles or newsletters.

Meeting Recording Services for Corporate Training

Once recordings are made they can be stored and used for a number of different purposes. One of which is corporate training and learning via social media or online platform. What better way of teaching than using a comprehensive combination of video, audio, transcripts, presentations, notes, translations? We can even subtitle your videos for foreign language students or provide closed captioning services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

These platforms will allow your students to learn via a number of different means and provide the opportunity to share knowledge, provide feedback and help other team members. A central video library can also help to ensure that training sessions are properly organised and accessible to all.

This can also allow participants to brainstorm ideas, create innovative solutions to problems, enhance communication and ensure that each session offers a maximum benefit for all involved.

If you would like more information about our meeting recording services, minute taking services, transcription services, translation services, subtitling services or closed captioning services, why not get in touch? We are available seven days a week and always happy to help.

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