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Reasons To Use Online Transcription Services

Top Five Reasons to Use Transcription Services

No matter what industry you’re in, outsourcing work over the internet is undeniably becoming increasingly more popular nowadays. There are perhaps hundreds of transcription companies to choose from to take on your audio typing, video transcription and secretarial work, but why has online transcription become so popular? Is it really favourable to use an online transcription company instead of having documents transcribed in-house? At Transcription City, and here are our top five reasons why….
Value for Money
Outsourcing your transcription work will likely save you a lot of money! Transcription companies charge for typing per audio minute, so you will only pay for work that is done. Remember, if you hire a permanent member of staff to take on typing work for you, you will need to pay holiday pay, sick pay and other benefits. Even if you hire a temp to take on your transcription projects, you will still be paying out time for them to use the bathroom, make cups of tea and take breaks, etc. Think – with a transcription company, as you pay for work by audio minute, every penny on your money translates into solid typing time!
When you have urgent interviews or dictations that need typing, a transcription company will definitely be the best way to go. Consider, when you look to members of staff to type urgent work for you, they may have other responsibilities and will need to prioritise, leaving you waiting. Transcription companies can often split audio and video files for a quick turnaround if it is required and some will have hundreds of typists on hand to take on work, each within a given specialism. In an office, you will likely have a lot less staff to choose from. Also, remember, even if your staff can get work back for urgent turnaround quickly, using a typing services company will mean you can send your file and relax, stress free, leaving them the task of ensuring the work is back on time rather than you having to manage and chase typists yourself.
So you have a dictation that needs to be typed up. The trouble is it’s over an hour long and you need it for tomorrow morning. You finish dictating at 4:58pm and the office closes at 5pm! Your office staff are heading home and you don’t want to be left to do the task yourself. So what do you do? Typing service companies often work 24/7, providing audio transcription and video transcription around the clock. Many will hire staff overseas as well, so even if you need something typed out urgently in the middle of the night, they should be able to help. This is a major benefit to online transcription as opposed to using staff onsite.
Online transcription companies often require references from typists with high standards of qualifications and experience. Work will be proofread and always of a high standard, and if not, amendments can often be made within a certain timeframe at no extra cost. Remember, online typists are mostly self employed and so have a vested interest in doing a good job time and time again, whereas permanent staff sadly (but truthfully), can become ‘too comfortable’ in a typing role.
Stress Free
Outsourcing your dictation, interview transcription, conference transcription, or whatever it may be, to a typing company is a great idea because it gives you more time to get on with other work tasks, or just kick back and enjoy some free time. Transcription is incredibly time consuming and delegating typing work can be stressful in itself. By using a transcription services company, you can avoid unnecessary stress, and relax safe in the knowledge that your work is being done and will be returned to you on time and at a high standard.
So there you have it, our top five reasons to use online transcription services for your typing needs. If you have any audio or video that needs to be typed, or would like to enquire about our secretarial, data entry, proofreading or transcription services, please don’t hesitate to visit our website, contact us via email or give us a call today.

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