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Real Time Captioning, CART, Real Time Transcription Services

What is CART?

If you are not familiar with captioning you may wonder what CART (or Communication Access Real-time Translation) is and what it is used for. Generally speaking, CART is used for people who are deaf or hearing impared, but can also be used for live events where discussion and dialogue can be displayed onscreen in real time.

How Does Real Time Captioning Work?

Real Time Captioning, CART, Real Time Transcription ServicesReal Time Captioning is carried out by a stenographer or real time reporter who uses a special keyboard known as a stenograph, to type up dialogue as it is spoken. A stenographer will often be used in a court setting, live event or meeting (often either where it is not possible to hear what is being said clearly or there are attendees who are deaf or hearing impaired). In live events or meetings dialogue that has been typed will be immediately projected onto a large screen that can be seen by everyone.

CART for Remote Meetings and Online Video

Real Time transcription and captioning can be provided for online meetings and online videos. For this you will need to download remote captioning software and have a good internet connection. It is also advisable to use a good quality microphone. The remote captioner will type everything spoken into the microphone and the text will appear in the form of captions onscreen.

CART for Onsite Meetings and The Theatre

Depending on the size of your meeting you may need more than one captioner to attend. Although they will provide their own equipment, you may also need to provide a projector or additional computer screens from which the dialogue can be projected and read.

What Other Services Do Stenographers Provide?

  • Captioning for Arbitrations
  • Captioning for Depositions
  • Realtime Translation
  • Captioning for Disciplinary Hearings
  • Transcription Services
  • CART for lectures/meetings/conferences

Our Real Time Stenographers

Many of our stenographers have 20 + years experience and have worked in the High Court in London

We also have stenographers with experience providing captions for the BBC and RTE as well as covering arbitrations/tribunals/depositions/transcription services, both online and onsite that cover the UK, Ireland and Europe.

We provide a range of different captioning and subtitling services here at Transcription City, this includes online subtitling services, captioning services for the deaf and hearing impared, foreign language subtitling services and transcription services for videos. For more information about live subtitling, we recommend watching this live captioning webinar for more info.

We also provide real time captioning for conferences, theatres, lectures and live captions for TV and also can take records of any court/legal proceedings/ arbitrations and disciplinary hearings. I can also provide transcription services.