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Proofreading, Copy Editing and Copy Writing

A Guide to Proofreading, Editing and Copy Writing

Whether you write for a living or just occasionally need to compose business documents, Transcription City can help with a range of services including proofreading, editing and copy writing services. If you are confused about which service is right for you, fear not, we have come up with a rough guide to each service in order to help you better understand what it includes and what service the most helpful for you.

Proofreading Services

A proof-reader will check through your documents to ensure that they are free of grammatical and spelling errors (using tracked changes if required). In addition they will also provide feedback on any areas of concern in regards to sentence structure, flow and the readability of your work. A proof-reader will not re-word sentences or paragraphs for you; they will simply make you aware of any of areas for concern.

Copy Editing

Copy Editing takes things up a notch, focusing on issues with the readability, flow and wording of your document. Although a copy editor will sometimes fix spelling and grammatical errors, they are more concerned with the tone, wording and style of your writing. They will correct any obvious mistakes using tracked changes and provide detailed feedback as and where it is needed. A copy editor will also cross reference facts and research any technical details that are needed to add to the credibility of your finished document.

Copy Writing Services

Copy writing means creating new documents from scratch (including articles, blogs, letters and business documents). If you require the services of a copy writer, it is essential that you know what you want. For instance if you need a writer to compose blogs for your website, it can really help to provide them with details of your company so that they can capture the tone and persona of your company perfectly. A copy writer will often provide you with several drafts before they get used to the style of writing that suits you or your company.
Striking the right tone in your writing, be it a report, article or letter, can make the difference between getting that customer or losing out, between getting your point across to your employees or your comments falling on deaf ears. Impeccable grammar and spelling in your writing will earn you the respect of your readers and if you are looking to publish your writing online, it can mean the difference between drumming business through Google directing prospective readers to your children’s page for ‘happy bear’ or reading ‘happy bare’ and sending you an entirely different sort of a customer!
If you are interested in our proofreading, copy editing or copy writing services, why not contact us today? We are available around the clock and always happy to help.

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