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How to Produce a Good Quality Interview Recording for Transcription

If are planning on conducting an interview or series of interviews and have decided to use a professional transcription services company to transcribe your audio or video files, then one of the first things you should consider is how to make a high quality interview recording. In fact a high quality interview recording is so important, we thought we’d blog about it!

How to Produce a Good Quality Interview Recording for Transcription
How to Produce a Good Quality Interview Recording for Transcription

Here are some of the ways you can ensure that you make a high quality recording.

Transcription Services and Reducing Background Noise

Before you make your recording it is important to reduce the amount of background noise that can be heard. Other than finding a space away from other people (so no noisy coffee shops or public areas – if these can be avoided). In addition, food packets, open windows, televisions and radios should be avoided. Sound files that contain background noise can be difficult to transcribe, as sounds that go unnoticed in real life can be all that is heard on a recording. Which brings me to my next tip…

Transcription Services and Microphone Placement

Microphone placement is key when you are making a high quality recording. Putting a microphone next to the person speaking is important when making a recording and because microphone can be sensitive, putting them next to a window or any source of noise, will most likely obliterate the sound you want to pick up.

Transcription Services and Taking Control of An Interview

One of the main factors that can affect the quality of a recording is when the interviewer doesn’t take control of the interview. This can mean there is a lot of over speaking, walking around or other unnecarsary sound such as eating or ustling whilst the interview is taking place. This is especially important when it comes to group interviews or focus groups, where an otherwise interesting discussion can sound like chaos in the final recording.

The Advantages of Producing a High Quality Recording for Transcription

Sending a high quality recording to your chosen transcription company offers a range of great advantages such as.

Fast Transcription Services

High quality sound and video recordings will mean a faster turnaround as they are easier to transcribe.

High Quality Transcription

A good quality audio or video file will almost always result in a higher quality transcript as all dialogue can be heard clearly.

Low Cost Transcription Services

Sending a good quality recording to your chosen transcription company will mean you save money, as low quality audio files are charged at a higher rate due to having to be relistend to, amended and cleaned up.
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