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5 Top Tips For Great PowerPoint Presentations

Power point presentations can be a great way to share your ideas and thoughts with the rest of your colleagues and with your company, In today’s Blog I will give you 5 great tips on how to create a great Power point presentation for your business needs.

PowerPoint Presentation Services
We can help with PowerPoint Presentations

Take a look at my top five top tips for making your presentations stand out from the crowd.


1. Keep it simple.

Like many things in life, the simple presentations are often the most successful ones. As a general rule try to keep to one main image per slide and the company logo displayed. Any more than this and it looks like clutter which is often harder on the eye and more difficult to decipher what is being conveyed to the target audience in the slide.

2. Be Consistent.

Many people think that by adding a wide range of design elements and colours to their slides will enhance their presentation; however it can actually have a detrimental impact on the presentation and make the whole thing feel disjointed and not very free-flowing. One of the key’s to delivering a good presentation is to keep the design elements consistent throughout the presentation and minimal. The use of colour, design elements and layout all need to be considered in order to be consistent for the whole presentation so that it allows it to flow from one slide to the next.

3. Use Fewer Fonts.

Many people think that by adding lots of different fonts to their presentations that it makes it more interesting to the viewer; however this tends to have the opposite effect and only detracts from the slides as it makes it harder to read when your eye is trying to adjust to different fonts placed around the page.

4. Use Bullet point to get your message across.

Using Bullet points is one of the best ways to keep your presentation clutter free and easy to read out. Rather than using long sentences which can take time to read, listing them in Bullet points means you can get your information across quickly and effectively.

5. Use Graphs rather than words alone.

Using Graphs makes data easier to comprehend than in raw format. It also makes identifying trends easier to spot whether it is month by month or week by week, just remember to always title your chart.
In business one of the best ways to communicate your ideas to a group of people creatively and effectively is by using a power point presentation. If done well you could make that presentation stand out and display your talents to the company, if done badly however it may mis-communicate your ideas and does not always guarantee a good reaction.
At transcription city we have specialist PowerPoint presentation designers who can provide some of the best presentations for your business needs. Simply provide us with the content (this can be dictated) and then leave all the hard work to us.
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