Police Interview Transcription Services

September 8, 2017 Samantha

As part of the many services offered at Transcription City, our typists are available to transcribe Police interviews. Crucial to court proceedings and securing convictions, the police regularly require audio recordings of interviews, and videos, to be produced in a typed format. Should a case go to court, once transcribed, the documents are submitted in conjunction with other key evidence and are closely scrutenised by judges and jury members. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at our police interview transcription services.Police interview transcription services

Police Interview Transcription Services

On our website, there is a very useful facility available for clients to upload their files. This method transfers files in a secure and timely fashion. Alternatively, files can be sent by hardcopy via the post or courier, for example by compact disc or tape cassette. In fact, our police interview transcription services offer clients the opportunity to send in almost any file format.

Can I have my sensitive interviews transcribed?

Our typists have years of experience in their specialist field of legal services and deal with police files with the utmost professionalism and discretion. Every typist working at Transcription City must abide by our confidentiality agreement, meaning that whatever the subject, typists are strictly forbidden from discussing the content with anyone else. Our company abides by Data Protection law and will never abuse the trust our clients put in our service. By the very nature of police audio and video files, the content can often be disturbing and upsetting, but our experienced team are able to remain focused on providing high quality transcripts, regardless of the detail revealed during the transcription process. Just by reading some of the client testimonials on the website, it is clear to see that we offer a reliable and confidential service.

What is the process involved in transcribing police interviews?

When it comes to converting audio or video to a typed format, the process is relatively straightforward. Once files are transferred to a typist, using a program such as Dropbox, the typist uploads the file their end. Having uploaded the file, key information is recorded onto a police interview transcript template, using an information sheet provided by the client. This will include details such as the interviewee’s full name, date of birth and address. Additionally, names of interviewing staff and other people present, such as a solicitor, are noted. Finally, the interview date, start and end times, and location of police station, are included.

Used as part of crucial evidence, police interviews (or PACE interviews) are transcribed in a strict verbatim format. This means that every spoken word and sound, where identifiable, is recorded to provide an accurate reflection of what occurs in the audio or video file. As well as dialogue, background sounds are also noted, as are lengthy pauses. To ensure further accuracy and ease of reference, our typists use transcription software to ‘time stamp’ police interview transcripts. When transcripts are being used as evidence, the time codes provide useful points of reference, assisting readers to find particular sections of conversation with ease.

For a quotation for police interview transcription services or to enquire about our fast turnaround times, please get in touch. We can also provide information and guidance on clients looking for transcription services, translation services, closed captioning services and subtitling services.

For more information on legal transcription services and police interview transcription services visit this useful website.



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